20 Awesome IKEA Hacks You Have to Try

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your home decor or furniture, you will not want to miss these IKEA hacks! We’ve compiled a great guide that includes an IKEA desk hack, IKEA home decor DIYs, and more.

Upgrade your home with these twenty awesome IKEA hacks! With just a few changes, you'll have customized furniture that's perfect for your home!

Looking for IKEA hacks for the home? You’ve come to the right place!

I’m so excited that there is now an IKEA near me (well, 2ish hours away, but still – much closer than the other one that’s 4 hours away!) We were able to visit the one in Milwaukee recently and didn’t walk out of there with anything other than kids stuff which is a big win for us. But I did walk out of IKEA with a ton of ideas for our home.

IKEA is a fantastic place to find inexpensive decor, furniture, appliances, toys, bedding, utensils and so much more. If you’re looking to improve your space, especially a small space, IKEA is the place to shop.

What’s even better is that tons of IKEA products are easily customizable to make your own unique look. Whether it’s pairing multiple IKEA pieces together, painting IKEA furniture a unique color or design, using IKEA shelves in unique ways – there’s an endless amount of ways to create decor and furniture that is unique to your home.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite IKEA hacks below for you to get some home decor inspiration! Be sure to check out these clever toy storage ideas (which include some IKEA hacks as well) for organizing a home with kids, too.

20 Awesome IKEA Hacks

IKEA Storage Hack for Your Pantry on Hello Nature

Add some extra storage space to your cabinet doors or pantry with this simple magazine holder hack. With just a few nails or screws, you can store your foil and more in one easily accessed spot.

Ikea Shelving Unit Hack from Hawthorne and Main

This is such a fun IKEA shelving unit hack that totally changes the look and feel of the furniture. It would be perfect for over outlets or vents!

Ikea Hack Console Table from Hey Let’s Make Stuff

This IKEA table hack is perfect for small spaces, guest rooms, mud rooms, hallways, and more. It’s a simple home decor DIY that can easily be added to almost any room.

DIY Cutting Boards 10 Minute Ikea Hack from Paper N Stitch

This is such a fun IKEA hack that it might be my favorite. I love the house-shaped outcome and how perfect these would be for a housewarming gift!

Ikea Hack Grid Moodboard from The Beauty Dojo

This trellis hack is such a clever IKEA hack! I love what she did with it and how easy it would be to add to a kitchen or kid’s room. I think I may create one to use as a vision board!

Ikea Bedside Table Hack from The Lovely Drawer

This IKEA nightstand hack is the perfect way to turn a rather “cheap” looking piece into something much more expensive. The great part about it is that it’s an easy bedside table DIY that can be done in an afternoon.

DIY Industrial Cabinet Hack from Simply Designing

Can you believe that was initially a bookcase? This IKEA bookcase hack is the perfect hack to showcase just how much you can transform IKEA furniture. I absolutely LOVE what was done with it and am thinking we may need one of these in our kitchen once we finish redoing it.

Ikea Lamp Shade Hack from Pillar Box Blue

Easy IKEA Hack Side Table from DIY Furniture Studio

I love the idea of using a sturdy cutting board and legs to become a table. You can get it to be a variety of heights and shapes with this IKEA table hack!

IKEA Hindo Hack from One O

Looking for a quick way to spruce up a rather bland cabinet? Check out what One O did to spruce up this outdoor cabinet. So pretty!

Micke Desk Lamp from We Must Be Dreamers

What a fun IKEA lamp hack! I love how they found a different way utilize the desk and the lamp together to create a really simple, organic feel to the area.

DIY Copper And Concrete Door Pulls from A Kailo Chic Life

We need to redo our cabinets and this is exactly what I plan to do for our door pulls! This is such a clever IKEA hack that can be 100% customized to match the look and feel of wherever you’re utilizing them.

DIY IKEA Tripod Lamp from Kristi Murphy

This IKEA lamp hack is such a great way to add unique lighting to a space. I love the simplistic design of it!

DIY Ikea Desk Hack from Lovely Indeed

With a few different pieces of IKEA furniture, you can create an amazing workspace that you’ll love! This IKEA desk hack is great for work at home parents!

DIY Ikea Mirror Hack from Farm Fresh Therapy

I’ve been wanting to add a mirror to one of our walls forever and I think this would be the perfect addition! I love how this IKEA mirror hack came together and cannot wait to make it!

DIY IKEA Hack Floating Credenza from Sugar and Cloth

What an amazing use of space! I hate having more and more furniture on the floor, so I love this floating piece of furniture. It’s such a functional, beautiful space for nearly any room.

Modern Scandinavian 3-tier Wooden Stand from Hello Lidy

What an awesome stand DIY! I love how all three of the pieces are different shapes, but they ultimately all fit together. The modern look of it would make it perfect for our bedroom or even our kitchen.

IKEA Malm End Table DIY from The Blondielocks

With just a few changes, this end table was customized with drawer pulls and a new top that matches the look of the bedroom. This IKEA hack is super simple and is a great way to enhance a rather simple piece of furniture.

Ikea Bekvam Stool Makeover from See Food Play

I love the idea of using this IKEA stool as a stand. I also love how much the wood stain changes the look and feel of the piece. Such a great way to upgrade this stool!

IKEA Lantern Terrarium from Thou Swell

I love the IKEA lanterns. Buuuuut, I really love this lantern turned terrarium because I’m wanting to add more terrariums to our house. This is such a fun IKEA hack to add some greenery to your home!

If you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can browse Amazon! Items are generally more expensive, but you can still find quite the selection.


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