About Hello Nature

You want to teach your children every day, but you want to make sure it’s engaging and fun for the whole family.

You want to connect with your children, but sometimes there’s too much of a communication gap.

You want to inspire a passion for lifelong learning in your children and yourself, but it can feel impossible to do both, much less one of the two every day.

I’ve been there.

Wanting to teach and learn and connect, trying to follow all the things I “should” be doing. It was incredibly uninspiring, frustrating, and downright disheartening.

But I found another way.

I believe play-based, family-led learning provides a unique opportunity for families to thrive together.

Bird’s Eye Meeple can help you teach yourself and your children through play and interested-based learning with:

  • Board games that can be fun (and educational!) for the whole family
  • Outdoor ideas that can inspire creativity and growth
  • DIY and Craft projects that captivate the attention of those young and old
  • Books, movies, and other media that can help your family deep dive into your interests

Imagine the satisfaction of connecting with your family through play-based activities that fill your days with laughter and fun instead of tears and frustration.

When you join the Bird’s Eye Meeple community, you’ll discover ways add play into your daily lives to help your family learn and thrive together.

About Ashley

When I was in school, I struggled to thrive. I was a tactile learner in a world where auditory teaching was favored. I’d spend my days daydreaming, wishing I was outside or at least getting my hands on something to tinker with. I thrived in science and art!

It wasn’t until I was an adult, around the time that I had my daughter, that I accepted there were other ways to learn. In my research of how to help her thrive with play-based learning, I saw how I could flourish, too – even as an adult. The great outdoors, games, experiments, and art projects became a central focus for our family. And it helped me see that there was a beautiful opportunity for us to grow as a family by taking that path together.

Now our family plays every day. We pursue our interests, often together, and have fun while we discover more about each other and the world around us. And I hope we can help your family do the same.

Have a question or opportunity? Email me at [email protected]