Camping Journal Prompts for Every Age (With Printable)

Woman journaling while camping

One of my favorite things to do when camping is journaling, It’s one of the easiest times for me to write because I’m surrounded by nature. And I love capturing the moments we experience while camping. But sometimes, if I’m a little out of practice, I need some help.

Using camping journal prompts can help get the creative juices flowing and spark other ideas to fully capture your camping trip. These prompts can be especially helpful when trying to journal about a family camping trip as there are some for everyone.

Ready to get writing? Read through the list of camping journal prompts below and then grab the printable so you can get some ideas at the campsite when you’re unplugged!

Camping Writing Prompts

Use the camping words in bold before or go a little further with the prompts under each word. Whatever helps get the words flowing!


  • What is your favorite adventure that you’ve gone on while camping? Least favorite?


  • What is your favorite animal to see while camping? Why?
  • What animal do you never want to see while camping? Why?
  • What would be the best animal to share your campsite with? Why?


  • What should you always keep in your backpack while camping?
  • What is something you would never put in your camping backpack?
  • If all your gear had to fit in a backpack, what would be left behind?
  • Places to go backpack camping


  • Why do you prefer to (or not to) stay in a cabin while camping?
  • Best things about cabins


  • How does the weather affect your camping trip
  • What is your favorite thing to do while camping? Least favorite?
  • Best games to play while camping
  • The best season to camp during


  • What is your favorite food to make on the campfire? Least favorite?
  • What do you like to do most when you sit around the campfire?
  • Is a morning or an evening campfire better and why?
  • Camping cookware: every day utensils or roughing it with sticks?
  • Smores: the best way to make them


  • What makes the best campsite?
  • Talk about the qualities of one of your favorite campsites you’ve stayed at
  • Favorite scents at the campsite
  • Best/worst campsite neighbors


  • Big versus small campgrounds
  • Best campground amenities


  • Having to paddle a canoe to your campground/campsite


  • Do you use a compass while hiking? Why or why not?
  • Surviving in the woods with a compass


  • Favorite sounds in the forest
  • Scary things in the forest
  • Forest or mountain


Backpack gear flatlay


  • What are your thoughts about glamping?
  • Glamping versus roughing it


  • Do you like to sleep in hammocks? Why or why not?
  • Favorite things to do in a hammock


  • Long hikes or short hikes? Why?
  • Hiking solo or together? Why?
  • Hike or swim


  • What is your least favorite insect? What about your favorite insect?


  • Have you ever camped by a lake?
  • Sounds by the lake


  • Lantern light or starlight


  • Do you use a map while camping?
  • Reading a map


  • What does the moon look like when you go camping?


  •  Would you rather camp by the mountains or the beach?
  • Have you ever camped in the mountains?


  • Favorite outdoor activity
  • Ways to spend rainy days outdoors
  • Best time to be outdoors
  • Favorite place to explore outdoors


  • What is your favorite thing to do at the park?


  • What do you use rope for while camping?

Sleeping Bag:

  • Why do you like (or dislike) sleeping in a sleeping bag?


  • Have you ever slept directly under the stars?
  • How do the stars look while camping versus when you’re at home


  • Shaded or sunny campsites


  • What makes a good tent?
  • How do you spend a rainy day in a tent?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of a camper versus a tent?


  • What types of trees are around you?
  • The tallest/shortest/prettiest/ugliest tree


  • Would you rather walk, run or bike around a campground?
  • Do you prefer to walk in the woods or on the road?
  • Night walks versus day walks
Journaling outdoors

Camping Story Prompts

If you’re looking for more in depth camping journal prompts, use a handful of the camping words listed above to make a story around (fiction or non-fiction.)

An example:

  • Adventure
  • Backpack
  • Kayak
  • Stars

Now write about a time where you took an adventure with a kayak under the stars and the gear you had in your backpack. If you haven’t taken that trip, write about what you’d do if you did.

Extra Activity Idea with Storytelling:

Use this to help kids use their imagination, too. If you’re telling stories around the campfire, have everyone pick a word and then have someone start the story around their word. The next person continues the same story but adds in something about their word. Continue until everyone has gone to see how silly your story has gotten!

Backpacker writing in nature

Camping Poem Prompts

Use any of the words above to create an acrostic camping poem. Learn more about acrostic poems or check out the example of one below.

  • C camping with my family
  • A animals all around
  • M moon and stars above us
  • P poking sticks in the ground
  • F fire burning brightly
  • I ignoring technology every day
  • R reading in the hammock
  • E enjoying how much we get to play

If you’re struggling writing the acrostic poem, just write a poem inspired by one of the camping journal prompt words above.

Girl writing in nature

Camping Drawing Ideas

No one says that camping journal entries have to be in written form. If you’re looking for camping drawing ideas for your camping journal, use these ideas for things to sketch.

  • Backpack
  • Beach
  • Camper
  • Campfire
  • Campsite
  • Flower
  • Food
  • Forest
  • Insect
  • Lake
  • Morning
  • Mountain
  • Night
  • Sky
  • Tent
  • Tree
  • Water
  • Wildlife
Journal with flowers

Camping Journals

A simple sketchbook or notebook can be the perfect tool for journaling while camping. But if you’re looking for that extra special notebook or journal, these journals are worth considering!

And if you’re giving it as a gift, check out this awesome camping wrapping paper!

Other Things for Camping Journals

Consider these additional ideas to use in conjunction with your camping journal prompts!

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