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13 Backyard DIY Projects for This Summer

13 Backyard DIYs | Hello Nature Blog Now that the weather is finally warm after a hard winter, we’ll all be getting out more and doing things in the backyard. I know our to-do list for backyard days will include plenty of gardening, lots of landscaping and a whole lot of relaxation afterwards so we can enjoy all of the land that we got when we bought this house last year!

To give you some inspiration for sprucing up your backyard, I have put together 13 awesome backyard DIY projects. From compost bins, benches, decor, and more – there is sure to be something you will want to DIY this Summer! Be sure to check out these other DIY projects, too.

  1. DIY Compost Bin by This Mama Loves
  2. Create an Outdoor Oasis on a Budget by Thirty Something
  3. Upcycled Garden Bench by Scrappy Geek
  4. How to Make a Salad Garden by Confessions of an Overworked Mom
  5. DIY Sandbox by Desert Chica
  6. Keeping Things Warm with Cold Frames by Savvy Eats
  7. Teacup Bird Feeder by DIY Inspired
  8. DIY Garden Trellis by One Creative Mommy
  9. How to Build a DIY Compost Bin by Practically Functional
  10. Pebble Mosaic Garden Ball by Crafts ‘n Coffee
  11. How to Prep & Paint an Old Iron Bench by Mama of 3 Munchkins
  12. Outdoor Chalkboard by Family Food and Travel
  13. Turning an Old Mattress Into a Chaise Cushion by Adventures of Frugal Mom

I’m pretty excited about making all of these as I’m hoping we’ll be spending quite a bit of time outside this year! But I’d love to know: what are you planning for your backyard DIYs this year?

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