Our Summer Boating Plans with Discover Boating (+ an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!) *CLOSED*

Summer Boating Plans with Discover Boating

When I was younger, boating was a staple of my childhood.

Watching fourth of July fireworks on the water? Check. Weeklong vacations spent on our boat, going to shore to shower and grab food outside of our cooler? Check. My Summer was spent on the water whether I liked it or not. At the time, I can’t say I loved it. Like it, yes. Sometimes hated it, definitely. But now? Well, I’m aching to get our own boat.

After moving to the country where I’m surrounded by more lakes than I can count, the water is calling my name. Repeatedly. We have our kayaks, and I love them, but they’re not quite the same as that boat that almost didn’t make it under some bridges. And they definitely give me the chance to wake up on the boat, listening to the loons and gazing out at the fog over the water.

Unfortunately, a boat isn’t in our budget this year with our home renovations and other expenses. However, I really enjoy window shopping and dreaming about that day when it will be in our budget. Luckily, Discover Boating has made it super easy to do that from the comfort of your own home with their boat selector tool.

The Discover Boating boat selector tool is really great if you’re unsure what type of boat you need as it helps you pick out a boat that’s perfect for you. Pick your activities, choose the number of passengers, decide the boat length and propulsion, and decide if you need a trailer or not. Thirty seconds later and you have the best boats for you, the ability to compare them, and a quick overview of the type of boat to easily see if it’s what you’re looking for.

If you’re not familiar with Discover Boating, it’s a national program to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. Discover Boating is an unbiased online resource packed with easy, interactive features on all things boating, including  a boat selector guide, cost comparison tool, renting options, youth boating programs, education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos. Plus, Discover Boating offers tools and information for experienced boaters looking to learn more.

I had so much fun browsing to see what would work for us and our area. Apparently, we’ll have quite a few options once we decide to browse a bit more seriously. Plus, I couldn’t help but look at a personal watercraft and that looks like it would be a blast on a lot of the smaller lakes around. Definitely check out the boat selector tool if you’re hoping to find that perfect boat for the Summer!

Even without a new boat though, I know we’ll be spending lots of time on the water this Summer. I’m sure we’ll spend many mornings in our kayaks, enjoying the water before the sun is beating down on us. Maybe we’ll even get in some tubing and hit the local beach. But now I want to know: 

what does your ideal day on the water look like?

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