How to Prepare for International Travel

How to Prepare for International Travel

How to Prepare for International Travel

Whether it’s your first time or the 100th time, traveling internationally requires forethought and planning. This is not a what to pack or how to stay organized on your international trip – this is a pre-trip checklist for making sure you have the vital basics for your trip and being prepared while on your international trip. 

Update Your Information

Update your home information in your Passport if it’s not correct and be sure to use pencil!

Share Your Trip Information

Give a copy of your trip itinerary to friends and family, including your flight numbers, hotel reservation info and car reservations

Copy your passport

Keep a copy of your passport and ID in your suitcase. Should you lose your Passport, you need to go to the closest US Embassy. Having copies of your passport and ID will ensure you can get home easily. Thus knowing the address to the closest embassy is very important as well. I write the addresses on the back of my copy of my passport before packing it into my suit case. Be sure to shred this copy once you get home, or save it for the next trip.

Stay Organized

Ladies, plan to take a small/medium sized over the shoulder or cross body bag with you. Make sure you pack your passport in the most interior, closest to your body pocket. Clean out your wallet and only take the money, credit cards and identification you need. While at the airport, keep your passport and plane ticket together in your hand or in your bag for safe keeping (I like to slide the ticket into my passport.)

Pack Essentials

Packing light helps ensure you won’t get stuck with expensive overweight baggage fees. Also, if you can fit it all in a carry on, then you don’t even have to check your luggage. If you don’t have to check your luggage then there is little to no risk of your luggage staying at home and you arriving at your destination!

What to pack in your carry on luggage:

  • Pullover/light sweater (or wear this on)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste or Whisps by Crest
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Any/all medications
  • Dry shampoo
  • An additional clean shirt
  • A book or entertainment

I say to include these in your carry on because I have gone on an international trip and my checked bag didn’t arrive for a few days. The airline did provided overnight essentials but the next day when I was wearing a clean tee shirt and everyone else was wearing the same thing, I felt a little bit better. You can view what’s in Ashley’s carry-on, too!

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How do you prepare for International Travel?