What's In My Carry-On

What’s In My Carry-On

I’ve never done one of the “What’s In My Bag” posts because I rarely have that much in my purse. Living in a small town and working from home means I rarely have a need to overload my bag like I do every time I head out of town. So I thought it’d be fun to do a “What’s In My Carry-On” post since I have way more in there!

What's in My Carry-On


I always have at least one notebook, a planner, and my travel journal along with at least two pens (usually like five or six because I’m convinced I’ll lose one, the ink will run out on one and one just won’t work for some reason or another.) My notebook is usually used for blog and business ideas that I have because I seem to have my best ideas when I step away from work. My travel journal is actually a new addition so I stop forgetting what we did on the trip!


My iPad Mini, iPod and headphones are a must. Most of my time on the plane or during a layover is spent reading magazines or books, listening to music, or listening to audiobooks so these are my go-tos for entertainment. Also? A must-have for planes with screaming children or people that are a little too chatty!

Beauty Essentials

Hair-ties, contacts case, glasses, hand-sanitizer, lotion, lip balm, and a small thing of body spray. I’ll usually toss in a travel-size deodorant if I remember, too. Glasses and contacts are pretty obvious because I’m pretty much blind without them, but the rest is mostly to freshen up after long flights or layovers. Especially when we arrive in Mexico because customs can take forever there and it’s usually fairly warm.

Everything Else

My wallet with my passport in it and gum are always in there, too. Gum is a staple for me since my ears and planes are not friends. Although not pictured, tissues are another thing I usually have. I remember our wedding trip to Jamaica and on the way to the resort, I had a bloody nose due to the changes in altitude. Not fun when all you have is cheap napkins from the plane! Sometimes I’ll have nuts to snack (especially when traveling internationally and having no idea how long customs will take) along with a water bottle that can be refilled.

Want more tips on what to pack? Check out what to pack in your carry-on for international travel – I know they helped me a ton! And if you want to make the best out of your trip when you get back, check out this post on making the most of your trip after you get home.

And now that you’ve seen what I carry with me, I’d love to know:

what’s in YOUR carry-on?