Get The Most Out of Your Vacation

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation After You Get Home

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We have all done it. Gone on a trip, seen tons of amazing things and taken 1,000 photos. Then you get home and you can’t remember exactly why you took that photo, or what was significant about that? Why is your husband standing in front of that rock?

No worries! Planning ahead and keeping an itinerary and journal of your vacation is an easy way to remember what all those buildings were, or why your husband was standing in front of that rock! Here are some tips on getting the most out of your vacation AFTER you get home.


Keep your vacation itinerary after your trip. Especially if you aren’t good at keeping a journal then your itinerary will be vital in remembering the bullet points of your trip.

Example: 4/6/13 Left Dodge City- found Memorial Rocks- stopped at Carhenge, Nebraska before going to the hotel


Journal each evening at dinner about the things you, saw, did or experienced. And if doing this at dinner is too much for you, try writing at lunch and dinner. Breaking your day into smaller portions will make it easier for you to remember fine details.

Example: 4/6/13 Today we left Dodge City, it was warm about 70 degrees. The B&B Owner told us about this place called Memorial Rocks where the Pioneers could see them from miles out because of the flat terrain. It took us awhile to get there (and on dirt roads) but it was super cool. After that we headed north towards Nebraska, when we finally arrived at Carhenge. It was super windy and freezing cold! Those sandals I put on this morning in Kansas were not a good idea! Driving to the hotel, it even began to snow and the forecast for tomorrow is blowing snow from here all the way into the Dakota’s! Good thing we packed snow gear and sandals.


Don’t delete your photos. Not even the blurry ones. Keep your photos (all of them) until you return home. On the new OS for iPhone, it actually can separate your images into days, which will also help you recall what your images are of when comparing them to your journal entries and itinerary. When I return home, or while I am sitting on a plane for extended amounts of time, I always sit down and sort through the photos in my camera. Noting the image numbers and what they are from, and any other important details.

Update your friends and family

Send your friends and family a letter or write a blog about your trip. Sharing your experience will help you recall the experience.

And if you need some help before you trip, check out how to prepare for international travel or what’s in Ashley’s carry-on.

I’d love to hear any tips you might have as well!