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Five Tips for Raising an Eco-Friendly Baby

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. These five simple and inexpensive tips for raising an eco-friendly baby will help you leave less of an impact on our planet in no time.

These five simple and inexpensive tips for raising an eco-friendly baby will help you leave less of an impact on our planet in no time.

Nathan and I have always tried to lead an eco-friendly life since we’ve been together. It’s what started the Gnarly Whale and it’s part of what pushed us to live where we do. We don’t have a commute, we grow some of our own food, we upcycle whatever we can and more. So we knew that when added on to our family, we’d want to ensure we were raising an eco-friendly baby.

It’s not always easy though. There are SO many products targeted parents and it’s so easy to fall in the “buy everything just incase” mindset when you’re a first time parent. Even when it’s unnecessary and even when there may be a better option that’s greener or even less expensive. We haven’t been perfect, but we have made a lot of eco-friendly choices when it came to raising Lily.

If you’re looking to raise an eco-friendly baby as well, here are some of my top tips.

Raising an Eco-Friendly Baby


Clean up your diaper changing routine

Cloth diapers are a great way to green your diaper changing routine if you do it right. Only washing full loads with cold water, using a dry pail, hanging diapers versus a dryer, saving cloth diapers for another baby and more help you go even greener with cloth diapers. But you can also choose eco-friendly disposables and wipes as well.

My favorite option for wipes are WaterWipes as they’re the only wipe that contains zero chemicals. Instead, they’re 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. WaterWipes are a much safer, natural option for your tiny human and are great for those with sensitive skin. Head to Walgreens to get some for your little today!

Breastfeed as much as possible

If breastfeeding is an option for you, choose it! There are a ton of great reasons to breastfeed, including this one: it’s incredibly eco-friendly. Formula feeding leads to waste that just gets dumped in the landfill. Packaging, cans, bottles, nipples, liners and more. This doesn’t even include the resources that go into creating the formula, either. You also save on water being used for cleaning the bottles on a regular basis.

These five simple and inexpensive tips for raising an eco-friendly baby will help you leave less of an impact on our planet in no time.

Buy secondhand when you can

There are tons of stores dedicated to selling secondhand items, especially baby items. And there’s a good reason for it. Babies grow out of things so quickly, clothes and toys included, that you don’t always need brand new. Most items will just need a quick scrub or wash in the washer to be good as new for your little one. And, once you’re done with these items, you can sell or donate them instead of just tossing them.

Only buy what you need

Babies don’t truly need a lot of “stuff.” Our doctor told us as long as we had diapers and a car seat, we had everything we truly needed for our baby. She was pretty accurate! We have more than that for her, but that was most of what we really, truly needed. Upcycle toys, rent books or movies instead of buying them, and buy only the necessities and then add on as needed, not wanted. 

DIY Glass Cleaner Recipe

Make your own cleaning products

Not only is this good for a baby, but it’s great for you, too. Homemade cleaning products are not hard to make and are usually much cheaper than store bought ones as well. Examples include: Citrus Infused Vinegar CleanerGlass CleanerHomemade Water Based Cleaner, and Homemade Dish Soap. By making your products at home, you cut down on unnecessary ingredients and you’ll know exactly what’s in them.

These tips aren’t hard to follow and being a greener parent to an eco-friendly baby isn’t impossible to do. It just takes time and research. Researching better things to do like purchasing used gear or researching better products to buy like the WaterWipes. No matter what though, it’s worth it. You’ll instill a greener mindset in your tiny human from the start and they’ll be able to live a more eco-friendly life as they grow.


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What are your tried and true tips for raising an eco-friendly baby? Where are your favorite places to purchase secondhand gear? Have you tried WaterWipes?

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