Five Ways to Go Green In The Office Right Now

Five Ways to Go Green in the Office Right Now

One of our goals ever since we’ve been working from home is to go green in the office. When I worked in the corporate world, it was pretty easy to see which companies focused on going green between the recycling bins, reminders to shut off computers, and the water dispensers located throughout the building. We wanted to make sure that even though we were working from home which was already more green than our previous jobs, we were doing our part to go green in the office, too. Whether you’re working in an office building or at your home office, these five tips to go green in the office can easily be applied right now. (Be sure to check out these other green living tips, too.)

SHUT OFF ELECTRONICS | Turn everything off when not in use. An easy way to do this is to use power strips to easily turn off the power to multiple devices (computer, printer, scanner, etc.) at once. If you can’t turn off your computer, adjust the power settings and switch to “energy saving” settings whenever possible.

DITCH THE PAPER TRAIL | Back-up files on another computer, in cloud storage, or on an external hard-drive instead of printing paper to store in a filing cabinet. Send emails instead of letters. Keep notes in a digital planner/note app instead of post-it notes. When you must use paper, try to buy recycled paper and print on both sides of the paper. Unsubscribe from unnecessary mail and catalogs as well.

GREEN YOUR SUPPLIES | Switch to reusable pens with refills, refillable ink cartridges, etc. Not only will this prevent you from having as much waste, but it’s also likely to save you money. Switch to LED bulbs in your office or even use natural light whenever possible. Also, reuse packaging supplies instead of tossing them out including boxes, packing peanuts or pillows, and even certain envelopes have two tabs for closure so they can be reused.

CHANGE YOUR COMMUTE | Easily green your commute to work or your errand running for your home business by switching to a bicycle, walking, or carpooling. Too far away to do these things? Group all of your errands together so it’s one trip instead of multiple. If possible, do a web conference instead of meeting in person.

INCORPORATE GREEN LIVING | Use regular silverware, not plasticware. Opt for reusable napkins and glass water bottles that can be refilled instead of disposable napkins and plastic bottles. Add plants that can filter the air in your office and layer clothing instead of cranking the heat or air conditioning.

What are your tips for to Go Green In the Office?

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