Finding My Style as a New Mom

A look into how my style as a new mom has evolved from before I was pregnant. I received these glasses from GlassesUSA in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

You know when things changed so slightly that you barely notice them? Suddenly it seems like something has done a 180 and you have no idea how it happened. But the changes were there – they just happened so slowly that you didn’t even blink an eye as that simple thing evolved.

That’s what’s happened with my style since I became pregnant and had Lily. Shortly before she came, I did a big purge. We were combining our clothes into one closet which meant approximately half of my wardrobe needed to go. And I did it. With ease. My style had changed in the nine months I was pregnant so it was pretty easy for me to see what was going to be a part of the new me. Once I came home and that baby bubble where all I wanted to do was stare at her burst, I realized my style was still evolving.


My style involved a new wardrobe which led me in pursuit of a super exciting opportunity, but that’s a story for another day. (Here’s a hint: it involves buttery soft leggings!) But along with that, it led to a different haircut which led to new accessories and then different makeup.

And last but not least, new glasses. New glasses are a pretty big deal for me as I’ve had glasses for as long as I remember. Before I met Nathan, he got Lasik. He’s told me over and over that it was such a good decision for him because he hated his glasses. Every time we talk about it, he encourages me to do it, too. But every time, my answer is the same.

I like my glasses.

I feel like glasses work with my face. And especially with shorter hair, they accentuate it even more. In a good way.

glassesusa-bothsunglassesThat being said, I’m super picky about my glasses. I remember spending nearly an hour trying to pick out a pair a few years ago at a local optical center only to go home and buy them online. (I’m sure Nathan was thrilled with me that day, hah.)

But the truth is I want a big selection so I can find just the right pair. And that’s exactly what I found at GlassesUSA. Times two even.

I spent quite a bit of time browsing GlassesUSA and ended up being stuck on a few pairs for awhile because they had such a wide selection! They also have an awesome feature on their website for you to do a virtual try on. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and then select the glasses you’d like to virtually try on. I LOVE this feature as I ended up disliking a few I thought were for sure the ones just by using it.

I ended up choosing a pair of browlines which is a style I’ve never gotten before, but I am so glad I did. They’re perfect! I also found a pair of prescription sunglasses I fell in love with the first time I saw them. Finding prescription sunglasses has never been an easy task for me so I was really excited about this pair, too.
glassesusa-sunglasses-front glassesusa-sunglasses-side
And the quality of these glasses? SO MUCH better than the ones I’ve gotten locally. They’re sturdy, don’t bend and fit my head perfectly. Not so tight that they cause pressure on my head and not so loose they fall off my nose.

Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, they’ve got plenty of options for you as well.

glassesusa-glasses-front glassesusa-glasses-side

As a new mom, being able to browse online is important. Being able to browse online and get a feel for how they look on you is even more important. And being able to do all of this with the affordable prices that GlassesUSA has? A match made in heaven for this new mom that is still trying to figure out how to get out of the house for a walk in less than 15 minutes.

Another bonus is that GlassesUSA offers FREE returns! So even if you test out the virtual try on feature and they look fantastic on you, but when they get to your doorstep, you’re not so sure – no problem! They’ve got you covered. Meaning you’ve got nothing to lose.

I love that these glasses have helped me continue to form my ever-evolving style. And if I’m feeling like I need to change things up again or even find another style for the days I’m feeling something a little different – GlassesUSA will be my first stop for a new pair.


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Has your style evolved over the last year or because of any major events in your life? Do you shop for your glasses online? What are your favorite glasses from GlassesUSA?