Before & After: Flooring

We just spent the last four and a half days working on our new flooring. On what we were told would be an “easy, weekend project.”


I wore knee pads for a majority of those four days which is apparently long enough to have “phantom knee pad” on the ride home. Do you know how many times I reached down to adjust the nonexistent knee pads? Yeah, me neither, but however many times more than I would have liked.

This was all I did for those four days. To the point that when I would close my eyes to go to sleep for only four glorious hours, I’d see laminate planks in my head and imagine lining them up. Or I’d imagine ripping baseboards off with the pry bar.

And I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we had planks on the floor that I would step on, not realizing that it was actually on top of the floor we installed and not a part of the floor, and ending up in splits. You’d think once was enough for me to fix it. Nope. I needed until the last half of the last room to be like “hey, maybe these shouldn’t be here.”

But in the end, I’m in LOVE with our new floor. Even with the weird pastel colored rooms that we found under the baseboards. Check it out:





We also decided to join the 21st century with our thermostat.

Laminate Dogs


They worked hard, too. Pretty sure they made up for all the sleep we didn’t get.

Even with all the injuries, lack of sleep and much longer project time, I’m thrilled with the result. This was the one and only project we said we had to complete before we moved up there. Everything else can wait until we’re packed up and moved in which is a life saver when it comes to my sanity. We have to the end of the month to get moved out and pretty much only our kitchen is 3/4 packed so far. Yikes!