That One Time We Were On Refinery29

I’m still blown away by what happened today. Especially after the night we had. Have you ever wished anyone would have sat you down before buying your first dog and told you “Just a heads up, there’s a good chance that you’ll wake up in bed one night and be laying in dog puke.” No? Maybe they said “Just a heads up, there’s a good chance that you’ll wake up in bed three times in one month, two of those times in one night and be laying in dog puke” instead? Oh – not that either? Shoot. Well, I wish someone would have told me that because that is very much the case. Dogs are pretty much the cat’s pajamas and everything, but not when they puke. Because that stuff smells awful.

BUT. Back to the amazing thing that happened because I like to get the bad parts over with first.


Refinery29 mentioned us on their site today. Mind instantaneously blown.

This is when those long days, frustrating moments, and shipping headaches seem like nothing but a mere second. It’s hard for me to believe the opportunities and exposure that we’ve had at times because I still see us as just a small business. Although much more experienced and mentally prepared for a budding business, not much different than we opened our cyberspace doors in October of 2012. It’s weird for me to look back at our beginning and see that it got us here, somewhere that’s not even close to our finish line.

We have a lot in store for our business in the upcoming months that I’m not able to share yet (although one thing will be shared on Friday! Here’s a hint: It has to do with free products and one of my all-time favorite movies.), but I’m anxious for when I can because I’m a big believe in celebrating your success. And I’m celebrating this massive success with Refinery29 by installing flooring in our house all weekend. That’s celebrating, right? Maybe with some wine makes it more celebratory? Probably a bad idea if I want even semi-even floors.

Happy Hump Day!