13 Fun Home Date Night Ideas

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Stuck in a rut with your date nights? These simple yet fun home date night ideas can help you shake things up without having to spend a fortune!

Confession time.

Nathan and I have had less than a handful of date nights/days since Lily arrived. She’s eight months now, guys. EIGHT MONTHS! Where did the time go? And that’s kinda sad, huh?

I’d say we’re just too busy, but the truth is … we’re just too busy making excuses. We’ve clung to the idea that date nights need to be similar to what they used to be, but they can’t be. We have Lily now and we’re both such different people. Date nights shouldn’t be anything like what they used to be.

When I take the time to really look at that idea, I realize how easy date night could be. Coming up with fun home date night ideas actually isn’t that hard. And, for the most part, they require way less planning than regular date nights. Bonus: Some allow me to hang out in my pajamas which feels like heaven at the end of the day.

Most of these ideas don’t involve cooking food (although some do) which is something I used to love. I truly loved being able to make a meal for Nathan for our dedicated time. It was relaxing and made it feel even more special. But truthfully, I am way too exhausted these days. So we generally order take out for the main meal. Or make the dish way in advance and freeze it.

But for dessert? Dessert just got waaaaay easier thanks to Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups. I’m secretly (or not so secretly now, I guess) grateful we got too busy to make stuff all the time because I wouldn’t have found these otherwise. And they are so good!

Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups are pretty much the ultimate date night dessert for me. It’s so convenient because I don’t have to make anything, yet I still end up with a delicious, pre-portioned indulgent dessert that satisfies both of our preferences with their four flavors:

  • Cheesecake with Strawberries
  • Cheesecake with Milk Chocolate Sauce
  • Cheesecake with Cherries
  • Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Sauce

Somehow, even with these amazing flavors, Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups are still made with high-quality ingredients. They have simple, real ingredients like fresh milk, real cream, real fruit, and no artificial flavors or dyes. It doesn’t get much better than that! You can get them in the refrigerated dessert section at most grocery stores so they’re not hard to find either. Products must be refrigerated before consumption.

So go out, grab your new favorite date night dessert (who am I kidding – any time dessert or snack!), and settle in for an awesome night at home with these fun home date night ideas! Plus check out this list for free or cheap date night ideas where a few of these ideas came from.

Fun Home Date Night Ideas

Chopped: Pick out random ingredients for the other person to make a dish with. Or both of you can pick out a certain amount of ingredients them combine them to make a dish together.

Board Games and Puzzles: When I’ve had information overload from social media or the news, this is one of my favorite things to do. We get to be a little competitive and feel like we’re both kids again.

Stargazing: This one may be tricky depending on where you live. We moved to the country a few years ago and I love that most nights, we can see the stars right from our backyard. All we need is a blanket and a few pillows then we’re set to stare up and point out constellations.

Build a Blanket Fort: No explanation needed here except eating one of those Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups under one of these while you hang out = the most satisfying and most fun date night for me.

YouTube Karaoke: So I didn’t know this was really a thing until Lily was born because she loved listening to us sing. Problem was that I didn’t know the lyrics that well. So we browsed YouTube and found tons of karaoke videos (with and without music). Choose each other’s song for even more fun!

Theme Night: Have dinner and a movie that correspond to a certain theme. Watch Eat Pray Love and you’ve got plenty of dishes to choose from. Or get a small cake from the bakery that made your wedding cake and you can watch Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Singer, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and more. Going for Mexican? Try these Grilled Chili Lime Veggie Fajitas Recipe or these Avocado, Corn and Black Bean Taquitos.

Talk: You’re probably like “Huh? We always talk.” But when was the last time you really talked? Not about baby poop. Not about work deadlines. Not about dirty dishes. Like real conversation that reminds you that you aren’t just a parent, worker, maid, etc. Talk about dreams, goals, struggles, hopes, your future, etc.

Vacation Planning: Even if you don’t have any plans of taking a vacation soon, plan your dream vacation. Spend some time looking at everything there is to do, where you’d stay, and the places you would eat. Check out these posts for travel ideas, too.

Camp Out: In your backyard or living room, bring everything you need to have a mini-camp out. Air mattresses, pillows, flash lights, etc. Then grill out, cook over your fire pit, or cook in foil packets in the oven for dinner. Tell ghost stories or turn on some nature sounds. You could even make this S’mores Latte.

Play Would You Rather: I used to loathe this game thanks to one of Nathan’s co-workers. He’d ask the most ridiculous things where both options were just terrible. But I came around to it and now it’s a ton of fun for Nathan and me. It’s super simple, too. You each take turns asking the other one “Would you rather ___ or ___?” For example: “Would you rather skydive or go white water rafting?” You learn a lot about each other!

Netflix Movie Night: Pick out movies from each other’s queue or have one person pick out a few movies then the other person select from that list. Can be done with TV shows as well.

Host Your Own Drive-In Movie: Grab some blankets, pillows, movie snacks and your laptop then you’re set for a backyard movie night. Or go big and get a projector with a movie screen. See this post for more ideas.

Have a picnic: At night or during the day, picnics are a fun way to enjoy delicious food and spend some time outside. Make your own finger foods and pair it with your favorite wine or sparkling water.

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What are your favorite fun home date night ideas? Have you tried the Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups yet?