Thoughts on Owning a House After One Month

BathroomOwning a house is tough.

I would never want to go back in time and change the fact that we bought this house. I would go back in time and change how prepared (or unprepared) I was for certain things though. Like how long our flooring took (aka: so long I still have yet to post about it because we don’t have baseboards or transition strips in yet.)

Or how pipes break when you’re not even trying to fix said pipe and just install a tub surround and how your bathroom can look like this. No vanity, unusable shower and a weird 70’s remnant of carpet that was hidden under the vanity.

I never realized how much time projects would take because it never goes right the first time. Or the second time. Maybe the third time, but probably not until at least the fourth or fifth time. And how quickly money could vanish right before me on parts that are the size of quarters.


Sometimes I miss having fun money because we didn’t have a thousand projects to work on around here. And sometimes I really miss having time to do normal things like having a lazy day, blogging or you know – shower on a regular basis.

But most days . . .

My mind is still kinda blown from being a home owner and being able to enjoy things like this:

Fire Pit

I’m thinking this week will be our first fire outside since the weather is finally staying above freezing on a regular basis.

Happy weekend!