Getting Fit with My #Fitbit

Fitness training

Let me start by saying this isn’t sponsored at all. I’ve had a TON of different pedometers throughout my fitness journey and the Fitbit brand is the only one I have absolutely loved.

Late last week, I got my new #Fitbit Flex because I lost my #Fitbit One in the move. I decided it was time to move up to the wristband because I always felt like I was going to lose the Fitbit One when I didn’t have pockets in my pants. I am SO glad I did.

It’s only been about half a week so far, and I set my step goal at half of what it should be (so 5k instead of 10k) to get started, but I haven’t worked this hard to stay active and eat better in a long time. Over the weekend, we went on two walks both days and I cleaned the house on Saturday as well which led to this:

I was SO excited to know that without even really trying (since the walks were for the dogs and the house needed to be cleaned) – I could hit 10k. And it wouldn’t feel like I was dying from an overly strenuous workout.

I wanted to make sure that my fitness goals were more of a priority when we moved and they were, even before I got the Flex. But it wasn’t as easy, not knowing how good (or bad) I was doing in a day without being able to track it. I have both over and under estimated my steps since I snapped on the Flex which just goes to show me I wasn’t doing that great of job of judging my workouts, or even just my movement, before. It’s also encouraged me to work a bit harder when I’m just shy of hitting another 1k steps or some other goal of mine like how many miles I walked or how many active minutes I have.

I really do have high hopes for this being the time I finally get back to my goal weight. I’m tired of always falling off the wagon and gaining back what I lost, only to end up back where I started. Or worse, gaining more. I haven’t actively blogged my journey while I’ve been on my many “get in shape” missions, but I think maybe now is the time to so I stay accountable. And maybe get some support when those pounds don’t drop as quickly as I’d like them to.

how do you motivate yourself to get in shape?