Get Organized with this Printable Garden Planner

This 25 page Printable Garden Planner will help you plan, organize, and harvest your garden. With 21 unique pages, including: budget planning, harvest tracker, problem trackers, weekly tasks, seed inventory and more – you’ll be able to easily manage your garden all season long.Garden Planner

So I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for a looooooong time:

I created my first product!

I’ve had this on my to-do list for a long time, but I seemed to find hundreds, if not thousands, of other things to do. Truth be told, I think I was a little scared of pursuing this venture. We already have The Gnarly Whale, but this felt a lot different.

I decided my first product would be something that was useful to me and hopefully, super useful for you! So, with it being spring, I thought a Garden Planner was the perfect product.

Garden Planner

This 25 page Garden Planner ebook includes 21 unique pages for your gardening needs. You’ll be able to plan, organize, shop, and harvest your garden with ease with all of these sheets. The ebook includes the following pages:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Plants to Buy
  3. Supplies to Buy
  4. Budget Planner
  5. Expense Log
  6. Seed Inventory
  7. Seed Information
  8. Seedling Guide
  9. When to Plant
  10. When to Harvest
  11. Harvest Tracker
  12. Plant Problems
  13. Soil Problems
  14. Garden Projects
  15. Weekly Tasks
  16. Monthly Tasks
  17. Seasonal Tasks : Spring/Summer
  18. Seasonal Tasks : Fall/Winter
  19. Wish List
  20. Planning Notes
  21. Planning Grid

Seed Information TrackerHarvest TrackerExpense Log

I’ve already started to use this for starting our seeds and building our strawberry garden (post on that coming soon!) Our garden was a bit of a hot mess last year so I’m doing everything I can to make sure it’s a shining success this year.

Ready to get a copy of your own Garden Planner? For $7.99, you can get instant access to it and start planning your garden right away! Head over to the shop page for more details OR check out below.

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Not your thing, but willing to share? I’d really appreciate you passing this along to someone who might need a little help planning their garden! Or just pin this post below :)


Garden Planner