Our House: The Exterior

Front Porch

Street View


Stone Path



We got an insane amount of snow yesterday (11″ up by where we’ll be living, 9″ here) which lead to our official first night at our new home last night. We had zero intentions of staying up there after we closed on the house, but the storm got worse and we were semi-prepared with some of our camping gear to stay the night. I’m SO glad we did because we drove home and saw 24 cars in the ditch. CRAZY!

But our closing on the house means we finally got some pictures. It was in the midst of the snowstorm, but it’s still nice to have some pictures of the outside. The first couple are our house, followed by the shop that’s attached to the garage, and then the stone path that winds down to a brook at the edge of our property. I’m really excited for the warmer months to see what the path and the brook look like when they aren’t covered with snow!

More pictures coming soon, including the interior pictures and the beginning of our home renovations.

Happy Wednesday!