28 Before 28


Having just turned 27 yesterday, I thought it would be a good time to set some goals for the next year. Maybe not even goals, but things I hope to accomplish by the time I’m celebrating turning 28. If you have a similar list, I’d love to see yours!

  1. Paint all of our walls in our new house
  2. Go white-water rafting
  3. Have The Gnarly Whale featured in at least one magazine
  4. Get back to my “feel-good” weight
  5. Start re-learning Spanish
  6. Become a better photographer
  7. (Mostly) Furnish our new house with items we have or thrift
  8. Host a dinner party in our new house
  9. Separate my work and personal life
  10. Learn to cook Chinese food
  11. Find a solid morning routine
  12. Plant a garden, or at least a few veggies/trees
  13. Learn the art of cocktail making
  14. Take a trip with no destination in mind
  15. Go snowmobiling for the first time
  16. Go jet-skiing for the first time
  17. Become a better handyman
  18. Refinish a major piece of furniture
  19. Do something I’ve said no to in the past
  20. Learn 28 new recipes
  21. Learn about plants and trees in the North-woods
  22. Learn about the many uses of herbs
  23. Start saving money on a regular basis
  24. Travel somewhere I’ve never been to
  25. Shoot a gun
  26. Do 28 random acts of kindness
  27. Learn basic landscaping/lawn care
  28. Don’t eat fast food for at least a month