Free Sponsored Blog Post Planner Printable

Organizing Sponsored Posts: Free Sponsored Blog Post Planner Printable

Free Sponsored Blog Post Planner Printable
Sponsored posts are one of the many perks of blogging for me. On top of that, they are one of the reasons I am able to still keep blogging like I do. They foot the bill for the hosting, the design, the giveaways, the tools, and sometimes – they even end up helping pay our bills. So when it comes to staying organized with these opportunities, it’s really important to me that I get all of the data right in front of me in one easy to read location. This helps make sure I don’t miss crucial details like deadlines, important post information, or simple tasks that need to be done in conjunction with a sponsored post such as social media shares or requirement links.

While their emails and informative links provide me all the info, it doesn’t present it in a unified way. One that I can easily view in one glance to make sure every sponsored post, regardless of who I’m working with, receives the same attention. My solution? Create an easy to use document for all sponsored posts.

And I wanted to share it with you!

Similar to my Weekly Blog Post Planner Printable, it has the fill-in-the-blank options for all of the pertinent information in one page that you can print off. Write down the brand you work with, the opportunity, the due date, the required number of posts or social media shares or even images, along with spaces for other things like the disclosure or key messages from the brand. Super easy to fill out and even easier to check off once you’re sitting down to write that post to ensure that you don’t miss a step.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll also share my Sponsored Post/Brand Tracker that I use for after opportunities are completed. This sheet allows me to decide if the time spent on the opportunity was worth it or not and if I’d like to work with the brand again. Super helpful for seeing how much you actually make from these opportunities!

Want the Free Sponsored Blog Post Planner Printable? Download it here:

Free Sponsored Blog Post Planner Printable

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