Halloween Bag Toppers
Halloween Bag Toppers

Halloween Treat Bag Topper Printable

Halloween Treat Bag Topper Printable

I am infamous for being last minute with gifts.  Call it procrastination if you want.  I’ll refer to it as – uh – challenging myself to come up with something out of nothing!  Deal?  Anyway, moving on!  Due to this “procrastination”, many times all the good treats are all sold out (ie: no chocolate.)  So what’s a girl to do with holiday colored M&Ms that come in bulk and not fun size?  DIY treat bags, duh!  Of course with the cutest  Halloween treat bag toppers ever.  Okay, maybe not ever – but they are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Halloween Treat Bag Topper Printable - Bag Topper Back

Treat bag toppers are very easy and I love that they add that personal, homemade touch.  Since, after all, you did have to add in all the components in perfect harmony!  Just the right amount of this, and a little bit of that.  Hard times I’m tellin’ ya!  Popcorn is a great filler because a little goes a long way.  Just make sure the popcorn is cool before you put it in the plastic treat bags (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything!)  Another idea would be to use cheese balls as a filler as well!  For my treat bags I added in pretzel thins, M&Ms and some pumpkin spiced (and shaped) marshmallows! Wham bam thank you ma’am and you’re done! 

Halloween Treat Bag Topper Printable - Bag Topper

The best thing about these treat bags are that they are totally customizable and you can work with whatever you have in your pantry or what ever is left at the store!  Other treats that would make great mix-ins include: cheez-it crackers, candy corn, caramels, nuts, seasonal baking chips (cinnamon flavored or orange colored white chocolate), and the list goes on.

Click on and print out the Halloween treat bag toppers down below, grab some snack size bags and make up your own treats to give away to family, friends, coworkers and your children’s schoolmates today!

Halloween Bag Topper Printable

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