Weekly Blog Post Planner

Free Weekly Blog Post Planner

Free Weekly Blog Post Planner

Remember when I mentioned getting more organized with blogging? I still haven’t mastered having my posts written days ahead of time, but I have managed to get more organized with planning and the overall maintenance of the blog. Since that posted proved I wasn’t alone in needing to find better ways to blog, I figured I’d share my Weekly Blog Post Planner that I created with everyone. You can use it however you’d like, but I’ll share a little bit about how I use it.

Posts For The Week Of: Pretty self-explanatory. I try and plan my posts for the week using this section.

Social Media: I check off each one when it’s been shared there. I haven’t been doing much with Google+ so this is my reminder to start sharing there, too.

Pageviews: I log how many pageviews the entire blog got on a day to see if specific posts generate more traffic or if I had a big spike in traffic for a different reason. The Weekly Pageviews is the total for the week and The Weekly Visitors is the total of unique visitors for the week.

By The Numbers: Also pretty self-explanatory. I track the number of followers I have on each to see how my numbers are changing.

Top Keyword Searches: I write down a few of my top ones each week to see what people are searching for. Great for generating new content.

Top Referring Sites: I use this to see where my traffic is coming from. Useful to see if people linked to a blog post I wrote, where I should be investing my time for marketing, etc.

Overall, it’s been really helpful in organizing my blog each week. I love seeing the plan for the week and then seeing how it breaks down with the numbers.  Hopefully it’s helpful for some of you, too! If you want it, just click the link below and you’ll get the full-size pdf.

Download Here:

Weekly Blog Post Planner

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