Lumberjack Steam Train Farm Corral

Yellow Train

Red Train

Black Kitten Calf Donkey Duckling PigRooster White Duck

Over the weekend, we visited the Lumberjack Steam Train with my parents and nieces which is about a half hour away. Even though there was a ton to do there, I’m pretty sure 95% of our time was spent in the petting zoo area. My nieces absolutely loved the farm corral because you could actually go in the cages for the bunnies, chickens, turkeys, and kitten to hang out with them. Then you could see the goats, a donkey, roosters, ducks, geese, a calf, pigs, and turtles in the outside area. 

The best part was how to get to everything though. Once you get to the place, you actually get to take a steam train over to the logging camp area where everything is. They have an old-school Cracker Barrel store, lumberjack shows and other events, nature center, blacksmith shop, a museum, an eco walk, a couple of tours, concessions and of course – the farm corral/petting zoo. Another cool thing was the fact that most of the buildings were actually utilized on the farm and in the logging camp before, including the farm corral which used to be a hog barn.

We ended the day by cooking out on the grill and roasting marshmallows over our first fire in our fire pit with everyone. Pretty much the perfect ending to a long, but fun day.

what did you do over the weekend?