On The Web

On The Web

Thank goodness it’s almost Friday! I’m spending some much needed time with family that I don’t see nearly enough today, but I’m anxious for the weekend to come. And since my mind is anywhere but on work, I figured why not assist all of my lovely readers in doing the same by sharing my favorite time-wasters on the web this week? Enjoy!

• (I’m sharing this one first intentionally because ohmygoodness, instant tears. You need to read/see something happy after this!) The Story of a Dying Dog’s Last Day

Did you see that Weird Al is back?! My 90’s self just died and went to heaven. Check out some of the new songs and videos here. My favorites so far? Tacky and Word Crimes.

• 24 Fried Foods You Have To Try Before Your Die. I already feel a heart attack coming on.

• I got a good laugh out of these Things People Search For on Google.

• I do my best to leave my phone in my pocket or at home when we’re out to eat since it’s usually for a date night, but this is another reason to ditch it.

• I love this list of Old-Fashioned Relationship Habits We Should Bring Back.

• I’m trying to really implement this idea into my days whenever I can. 

• I think we could all make the world a nicer place with these ideas.

Need help drawing attention to your posts? Check out these 10 Copyright Free Image Sources!

• I’ve only got a couple of more years to get this done, but this list of Personal Finance Goals to Achieve Before 30 would be awesome to accomplish.

• This post on How To Become a DIYer When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing is right up my alley. We have so many projects planned, but I’m clueless on where to start for most of them!

• I’m trying to get my exercise in every morning just like this post on working out before you work. I’ve got a lot more work to do on this one!

what are your favorite web time-wasters this week?