Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY

Happy Thursday! I can hardly believe that Christmas is only two weeks away! Luckily my Christmas shopping is done for the most part and we have our Christmas meal planned since we’re hosting for the first time ever, but it still feels like it’s coming way too quick. But if you’re in need of an extra decoration or a quick gift for a loved one, I’ve got you covered with this super easy Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY.

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY

It’s super easy and all of the supplies can likely be found at a local craft store or even a thrift store. There are endless possibilities as well as the option to change it up year-round, or even throughout the Winter season since the top comes off. Enjoy!

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY Supplies

  • 1 Mason Jar with lid and ring
  • Glitter (approximately 1 tbsp)
  • Tiny trees + reindeer (from the dollhouse area in a craft store)
  • Glue gun
  • Water

* Optional/Not shown: Glycerin. Add glycerin to get all of the glitter to sink to the bottom after you shake it. You can make it without it though – some of the glitter may just float at the top.


Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Attach Decorations

Attach your decorations. Heat up the glue gun and start attaching your pieces to the lid. Make sure they’ll fit within the jar lid (wide-mouth jars would make this a bit easier) by checking the placement before gluing them down:

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Check Fit

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Finish Attachments

Fill with water. Once everything is attached, fill the jar with water. Depending on your object(s) and their size, you may need to adjust the headspace (area between the top of the jar and the water – essentially the waterless space) left on this. I left about an inch on mine.

Add the glitter. I used about a tablespoon in mine. Use more or less depending on how “snowy” you want your snow globe to be. If you’re using glycerin, add a few drops in at this time.

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Add Glitter

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Glitter

Cap and close. Gently set your lid with your decoration on your jar and screw the ring on. Make sure it’s nice and tight before you flip it so you don’t spill any of the water and glitter!

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Add Lid

Flip, shake and enjoy! 

Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY - Shake

Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial

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