Making Old Memories Into New Ones


When I was a little girl, I could pretty much guarantee that my Summer would be spent mostly on the water. We’d spend weekends on nearby lakes and sometimes weeks in cities that were farther away with bigger bodies of water that connected to each other. Summer holidays were spent on the boat and Memorial Day weekend was usually the start of these activities.

I didn’t appreciate it much at the time, but as an adult – I find myself missing those Summer days. Days where we’d wake up on the water and fall asleep with a setting sun across the lake. Days where food was enjoyed pretty much all day long. Days where a good book and a cool breeze was all I needed to say “today was a good day.”

When we moved to our current house, we didn’t really talk about purchasing a boat. We just wanted to be closer to nature. Maybe we should have though, considering we did move to a town called Lakewood. And it’s most certainly named that for a reason.

Regardless, we’re now a couple years into living in this area and the itch is real. The more time we’re here, the more I see people enjoying their boat on the weekend. And the more I see that, the more I wish we had one of our own to enjoy even more of this beautiful area. Especially now that our little girl’s due date is quickly approaching (almost 2 months away!) – I want her to have those memories that I so fondly recall, too.


So now that we’re settled in here, and are pretty familiar with the surrounding lakes, we’ve started talking about making that purchase. Unfortunately, we have pretty much zero idea of what to look for. It’s been so long since either one of us really spent time on a boat that we’re clueless as to what we need – especially for this area.

Thankfully, Discover Boating’s boating guide helps experienced boaters and new boaters find exactly what they need. With the help of their boat selector tool, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the type of boat we need for the type of excursions we plan to make with it.

And for when our little girl is older, I love the fact that there are youth boating programs. I don’t think I ever took one, but I wish I did. There’s so much information that’s helpful and fun to know about boating that I think younger people should learn. If you need some inspiration about how wonderful boating can be, check out this video. It really can have a huge impact!

Luckily, we don’t have to wait to enjoy the water until we can make the big buy. Discover Boating has tons of options for you to have fun on the water, including: boat rentals, classes, charters and more. I’m not sure that our purchase will be made this year with me being pregnant and feeling nearly ready to pop, but I am SO excited that there are plenty of options for us to still enjoy the water!

Let’s chat!

What are your favorite boating memories? Do you own a boat? What are your favorite ways to enjoy boating during the Summer months? How do you plan to get out on the water this Summer?