Cheesecloth Spiderwebs

Easy Halloween DIY: Cheesecloth Spiderwebs

I have to admit, when it comes to things like haunted hay rides and ghost stories I am a big chicken. But I still really love Halloween! I love the fun, playful spirit of this spooky little holiday and the idea of dressing up as someone (or something) else for one day. Even though you will never find me in a haunted corn maze having the you-know-what scared out of me, I like to watch “best of” and “most extreme” Halloween shows featured this time of year.

In fact, that’s where the inspiration for this post came from. It was around Halloween last year that one of these shows came on and completely caught my attention. A woman being interviewed featured some of her creepiest decorations and she had “spiderwebs” draped over her bushes that were made out of cheesecloth and black fabric dye. Needless to say, I have been waiting all year to make this easy Halloween DIY!

Easy Halloween DIY: Cheesecloth Spiderwebs

  • Cheesecloth 
  • Black Rit fabric dye
  1. I used two large pieces of cheesecloth, long enough to drape over my bushes, along with one smaller piece to drape over a lamp.  Dye your cheesecloth according to the package. (I used a stove top method, keeping the cheesecloth in the dye bath for about 15 minutes to achieve a faded black color.)
  2. If using a stove top method, remove the cheesecloth from the dye bath, draining as you lift and place it in a container to transport to your washing machine.
  3. Wash dyed cheesecloth with cold water and hang to dry.
  4. When cheesecloth is dry, gently tear the edges for a spooky, haunted look.  You can also easily make some holes by tearing into the middle of the cheesecloth.

Easy Halloween DIY: Cheesecloth SpiderwebsWhen your spiderwebs are torn to perfection, drape them over bushes, lamps or use as a creepy little table runner.  You can really kick these up a notch by gluing plastic spiders on them!

Happy Halloween!

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