7 Perks of Owning a Dog

Seven perks of owning a dog - a hilarious look at the perks of pet ownership!

A few months ago, I shared this delicious pot pie recipe that makes meal time with your pets fun and enjoyable for everyone. I also talked a bit about how our cat spends his days and the many downfalls of owning dogs (like how puke and poop suddenly become every day conversation.) Despite all of these downfalls, there are so many upsides to having our pets and even more specifically, our dogs.

All of our animals are rescues, but our dogs have a really special spot in our hearts. They go for car rides, they hit the trails with us, they watch movies at the drive-in with us, and they’ll even join in during meal time for healthy snacks like fruits and veggies. And without them, a lot of the following perks wouldn’t be in my life.

By owning a dog, you:

Seven perks of owning a dog - a hilarious look at the perks of pet ownership!Will always have someone to share an ice cream cone with | Even if you don’t want to share, you have a best friend that is always more than happy to lick it when you’re not looking. And an innocent bystander that pretends like they must have something else on their nose when you catch them. Just remember that this is way less cute when a human does it.

Can entertain someone with simple/household objects | Dogs don’t realize certain things aren’t toys a lot. Like I’m not sure why our youngest pup still things of my toes as chew toys unless they’re in socks or shoes. Or kitchen towels – pretty much the best thing since sliced bread to her. And don’t even get me started on paper towel rolls. Entertaining them for 15 minutes is so simple. Bet you can’t say those things about your significant other.

Will never have an empty bed | Don’t want to sleep alone? No problem. Dogs love beds. And even more so, they love sleeping right on top of you under the blankets despite the fact that half of the bed is open. You will never, ever feel like you’re sleeping alone with a dog. (The flip side of this is that you will never sleep. It will always be a battle that you will not win.)

Seven perks of owning a dog - a hilarious look at the perks of pet ownership!

Have someone to blame things on | Why is there dirt on the floor? Oh, the dog did it – it surely wasn’t in the boots I wore around the house! Who ate the last burger? Must’ve been the dog – that’s definitely not mustard on my mouth! Why are there clothes all over the bedroom? The dog went through them – I absolutely did not spend a half hour trying to get dressed and throw my clothes everywhere! Why didn’t you send out the bill payment? The dog ate it – I would never lose anything!

Learn to stop and smell the roses | And the trees, bushes, leaves, mailboxes, etc. Walks will never be the same with a dog. You’ll always have a reason to stop and inspect/smell something, whether it looks important to you or not.

Get an easy excuse out of going to things | Not feeling like going to that party or going out for the evening? Aww, I guess Fido isn’t feeling well. Just start talking about their bowel movements and the conversation will end. And then you can spend the rest of the evening on the couch with your pup, binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Seven perks of owning a dog - a hilarious look at the perks of pet ownership!

Have someone interested in what you do | No need to wait for your significant other to come home to tell them about your work day. Your dogs will listen to every word you say and pay attention to everything you do/drop/move/touch.

Rachael Ray Nutrish “Fur Real Pet Moments” contest

Seven perks of owning a dog - a hilarious look at the perks of pet ownership!Because Rachael Ray Nutrish knows pet parents, they created the “Fur Real Pet Moments” meme generator to celebrate those times where you just know you’re a pet parent. Being a pet parent isn’t always easy. They chew on your good things, get into the garbage can, drink out of your glass and wake you up at some ridiculous hour just to say hi. But you love them anyway – and so do we. That’s why we want you to share your fur real pet moments for a chance to win a great prize – a year’s supply of Rachael Ray Nutrish & $1500.

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I love a lot of things about Rachael Ray Nutrish. Like how Rachael’s Rescue was created for forgotten pets and how a portion of Rachael’s personal proceeds from sales of Nutrish have gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for animals in need. And if you’re looking for quality food and treats for your pets, each Rachael Ray Nutrish recipe is made with simple ingredients like real meat and wholesome veggies, so they’re naturally delicious.

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i’d love to know: what are your favorite perks of owning a dog?