10 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged by Sarah over at Digital Motherhood! I love having lists to remind me of why I’m grateful for my life or to get me out of a funk when I’m determined to be crabby.

So here are my ten things that make me happy :


It’s really hard for me to be in a bad mood when I’m surrounded by nature. Even if I’m  hellbent on keeping my moodiness for whatever reason, this is the cure. I love listening to the birds sing and the quietness that surrounds you when it’s just you on the trail.


I love being outdoors (nearly all the time) but camping has a special spot in my heart. It’s one of the few times I unplug and can just be. I can nap, read, eat, hike – anything. It’s kind of like island time for me, but without having to actually go to an island.


Speaking of island time, snorkeling! Truth be told, it’s actually one of my biggest fears because I’m not a super strong swimming and I’m terrified of drowning. BUT. There is something really magical about being around a whole different world and seeing the beauty that lies beneath the ocean’s surface.

Fried Rice

I probably could have named dozens of different foods because food in general makes me happy. But right now? Fried rice is my jam. We made the America’s Test Kitchen Fried Rice last week – swooooon. I could eat that every day and never get tired of it. Close runner up in the food category is cool whip though.



I love getting lost in a good book or having to put a book down because I feel so inspired to do something. I’ve loved reading since I was a kid. I still remember my favorite books back then: Choose Your Own Adventure and The Babysitter’s Club.

True Story Movies

I love being so into something that I don’t think about my to-do list, or the piles of dishes and laundry, or the work I could be doing. And true story movies tend to do that for me. Or the gut-wrenching ones where you know you’re going to cry and watch it anyway.


I won’t lie – my husband drives me crazy some days and attachment parenting while working at home can drive me a little nutty. But I wouldn’t trade them (or our pup) for any other family. Because at the end of the day – even the crappiest of days – they’re who I want to fall asleep next to.


Being an Entrepreneur

This could also be listed as one of the things that makes me feel insane. More often than not, I’m super grateful and love that I/we chose this path. It’s crazy, difficult and unpredictable at times – but it gives me a lot of freedom that I really appreciate.

Traveling to New Places

There are places I would looove to go back to (I’m talking to you, Beaches Negril and NYC) but there is something special about seeing a place for the first time. Finding the quirks, planning the trip, new restaurants, scenic stops, etc. So many first time memories that can’t be replaced.

Being a Mom

Even typing that made me feel a little corny, but it’s true. I have learned so much about myself because I became a mother. And while it’s the most difficult job I have ever had, it’s also the most fun. Becoming a mother also allowed me to accept a lot more of who I actually am.

Now it’s your turn! I’m not tagging anyone specifically, BUT – I want to know what makes you happy! Whether you answer in the comments or write a blog post of your own, please share!