Wisconsin State Fair 2015

Super DogI’m a little bummed that it took us this long to go, but this past Friday, we finally went to the Wisconsin State Fair! We had so much fun despite the fact that we didn’t stay nearly as long as I thought we would. It was crazy hot and we had tried enough food for the entire week in the three hours we were there so it definitely was worth the visit though.

No rides for us, but we had TONS of food! Beer pretzel with beer (and root beer) mustard, frosted flake chicken on a stick, cream puff, lemonade, cherry pie on a stick, fish tacos, maple cotton candy… and that’s only the list of things we tried. There were so many other delicious looking food items that I wish we would have sampled, but we were stuffed! Next time, the cookie dough and cheesecake on a stick will be mine. Along with the deep fried oreos. YUM!

State Fair Food

Some of my favorite things included the little barnyard which was filled with all kinds of babies. Pigs, ducks, quails, cows, and more. And despite the fact that I wasn’t a huge fan of the root beer milk at the Milk House, it was a lot of fun to grab some 25cent milk. (And it didn’t hurt that the chocolate cream pie flavor was delicious!)

WI State Fair

WI State Fair RidesI’m not sure that we’ll be back next year, but maybe we’ll try out our county fair. I can always find a reason to enjoy something that’s deep-fried ;)

I’d love to know: have you gone to your state fair?

if so, what’s your favorite attraction?