Why I Came To Love The Midwest: Autumn

Why I Love The Midwest in AutumnWhen I was in high school, I was 100% convinced I would move far, far away from Wisconsin as soon as I graduated. I did move, but only about a half hour away from where I grew up. And then less than a year later, promptly moved back. And there I stayed up until early this year where we moved here – a whopping hour and a half away from where I grew up.

Now when I had this idea in my mind that I’d actually leave the cheese state, I was sure I’d be in some swanky coastal town by the ocean.I still love that idea (what I wouldn’t give to just walk down the street to the beach on this cold, rainy day!) – it’s not me. At least not right now. And while having to at least temporarily give up on that dream is a tough pill to swallow at times, there are so many things that remind me that where I’m at right now is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

One of those things? Autumn in the Midwest.

You can’t beat it. And even though I spent a majority of my lifetime hoping I wouldn’t be around to see another Fall here, I have to say – it’s suckered me in for so many reason. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by the gorgeous trees signifying the changing of the seasons, especially now that we moved a little further North and get to be surrounded by it even in our own backyard.

So here are a few reasons why I’ve come to love the Midwest, especially in the Fall.

Changing Leaves Along Lake

The views

You can’t find these views on the beach or along the ocean. The various shades of red, green, and yellow. The scattered leaves across ponds, lakes, and yards everywhere and eventually, the bare trees that are no longer home to them.  There’s nothing like it and it’s gone just as quickly as it begins.

Changing Leaves on Road

The Cooler Weather

I’m a big believer that it’s better to be cold and be able to bundle up than hot and try to cool down. So when that crisp Autumn air starts to replace the humid Summer sweat, I’m in heaven. Leggings are worn instead of shorts. Sweaters are chosen over tanks. And boots are a better option than flip-flops. Not to mention all of the delicious drink options that make up your morning ritual because you aren’t already sweating before 8AM.

Dogs in The Car Window

Road Trips

Living in the middle of a national forest means the stunning drives within fifteen minutes of our home. Plenty of lakes, a variety of trees, and a ton of rustic roads surround us so weekly road trips are a must for us. Plus – who can say no to faces like that? 

 what do you love about where you live and the Autumn months?

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