How To Thrive When Your Business or Blog is Slow

How To Thrive Even When Your Business or Blog Is Slow

One of my biggest fears is failing as business owner and even a blogger. Putting so much into something (sometimes with very little support from others) only to watch it unravel at some point. It’s what keeps me up at night, wondering if I’m really cut out for the path I’ve so carefully carved for myself.

How To Thrive When Your Business or Blog is Slow

So when business gets slow, or the page-views are down, I get a little unsure.

Am I doing something wrong?

Should I be doing something differently?

What’s wrong with our products?

Why aren’t people reading?

A myriad of questions run through my mind and I end up doubting everything I’ve worked for which is the opposite of what I need, especially as an entrepreneur. It’s disappointing and incredibly unproductive. Especially when it passes. And then we’re back to being swamped with orders or opportunities for the blog.

So instead of second-guessing everything I do when things are a bit slower, I’ve figured out a way to embrace it. To make the best of the slower sales or the fewer comments. Here are my five tips for making the best of the slow moments.

Get Organized

During busy months, you’re just trying to stay on top of things and not fall behind. Sometimes papers get misplaced, files get lost, and your desk looks like a bomb went off on it. And even if you managed to stay super organized during the busy times, there may be ways to improve your current organizational system. So spend the slow time tidying up. Prepare yourself and your business or your blog for when it picks up so you can run it more efficiently.

Take Time Off

Slow times are awesome times to take vacation or to just enjoy some much deserved “you time” for so many reasons. If your business is slow, or your page-views are down, you don’t have to worry as much about meeting someone else’s deadlines and can easily afford to take some time to do the things you enjoy outside of work. Your customers and readers aren’t around as often so you’re not affecting them nearly as much as you would be if you were heading off to Maui when your business or blog is booming. Bonus? You won’t be thinking of how slow it is if you’re lying on the beach or buried in a good book – I promise!


When business or blogging is good, it’s hard to figure out if things are working for you. You hardly have time to even eat or sleep much less think about your goals or systems. When it’s slow, take some time to look at where you are at and if it’s measuring up to where you wanted it to be at. If it’s not, make some changes. Remove products, rethink your content, change your services, etc. If it is, work on goals for the future so it can continue to grow in the right direction.

Boost Your Marketing Skills

Marketing can sometimes be an after thought if we’re constantly busy. Why spend time on marketing if your plate is already full enough? But slow months are the perfect time to try new tactics that you’ve been wanting to test out. Learn a new social media platform, try a new type of promotion, reach out to press to spread the word, etc. Sometimes you just need to get in front of the right people to really bring out how much of a rockstar you are.

Stay Positive

Don’t let slow times shift your attitude – it won’t do any good. Look at patterns in your sales or page-views to understand why it’s slow and see if there’s anything you can do to change it. If there is, do it! And celebrate that you’re making an effort to keep your business moving forward. If there isn’t, then let it be. Embrace the downtime. Relax. Rejuvenate. Get organized. Change things up. Whatever it is, do something to make sure that you’re not wallowing during the slow time and instead ensure that no moment is going to be wasted even during the slow days.

What are your tips for thriving during slow times?

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