We’re Back!

Red Boat

We are officially back from vacation and as much as we had a decent trip, I’m glad to be home. It wasn’t a bad vacation by any means – but I can’t say it was even close to the best we’ve ever had. We found ourselves missing home a few days in, probably because we have so many exciting things we have going on here. 

Although we did stay on the resort for the bulk of our visit, we did a bit of traveling including visiting the Faro Celerain Eco Park, a tequila history tour, and walking around Playa Del Carmen. I would highly recommend all three and can’t wait to share photos! We also ended up joining a vacation club for a totally different resort which is beyond crazy to me. We always swore we’d never buy one, but it felt right at the time and when we did the numbers, it made sense. That’s enough for me to feel like we made the right decision!

And now, a week ago, I was relaxing poolside and waiting for the beach bar to open at 10 for the first drink of the day instead of huddling by our space heater. Okay, so a big part of me would trade being at home for a few more moments of that kind of bliss right now.

Hopefully I’ll be able to edit more photos and share more of our trip soon! 

Happy February!