Seeking Simplicity


I’ve always told Nathan that there are moments in life that define you. Ones that change you, flip your life upside down and leave you in the position to look back and wonder how you even existed prior to that moment. I’ve had many, many of these moments. Some good, some bad. Mostly great. Things like getting married. Becoming self-employed. Getting all of our pets. Buying a house.

And then having a baby.

That last one has knocked me off my feet. Everything I anticipated to change did change. And then about twice as many other things changed along with it. She’s closing in on eight weeks now and I’m left, open-mouthed and wondering “where did these past eight weeks go?! I’m certain I just gave birth and worried endlessly about her jaundice yesterday.”

But the biggest thing that I’ve learned from this precious girl is that I was seeking simplicity. Before she came, I craved it. Since she’s been here, I’ve embraced it.

My life will always be busy. It’s how I thrive. I don’t sit still and I don’t wait for things to happen. What I do instead is chase dreams. Wild and crazy ones. And usually that means life gets a little complicated. It gets hectic. The house falls apart. My work falls behind. And then my head stays in the clouds.


She has shown me it doesn’t have to.

She doesn’t have the ability to even say a single word to me, but she’s taught me the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned. And maybe that’s why it’s so powerful. She’s shown me that I can still chase those wild dreams, I just need to slow down a bit. And she’s shown me that it’s okay to take a break every once in awhile. That my mind doesn’t always need to be in dream mode and I can sit and just be some days.

Most importantly, she’s shown me that life doesn’t have to always in fast forward mode. Sometimes… I can pause and even go in slow motion when I need it.


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