What I Packed: Florida Road Trip Edition

I was provided product by ECOLunchbox. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.
Road-Trip-EssentialsWe’re officially on our way to Florida by now, but I wanted to share some of the fun things I’ve packed for this trip! I’ve got the basics like clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc but today I wanted to share some of the more unique things that we’ve packed for this trip specifically. We have a lot of things we’re packing into this trip so this is only a quick glimpse into everything that we’ve piled into the car!Road-Trip-SnacksSnacks | Food gets me excited all the time, but road trip food? Swoon. I won’t lie – there’s usually more junk food than good for you food, but I try to even that out with some dried (or fresh) fruit and cheese. Because dairy counts as good for you food in the car, right? Peach rings are one of my all-time favorite candies so they’ll be nestled in with some chex mix, trail mix, and varied nuts. I’ve been wanting to open those damn cashews since we got them last month, but they were bought specifically for this trip!Road-Trip-EatingFood Prep | Who can eat fast food all the time? Probably a lot of people, but not this girl. I may love my junk food snacks, but I need wholesome meals in between and with how long we’re going to be on the road, we figured we’d be making some meals on the go. Insert ECOLunchbox. If you’re heading out on any sort of an adventure, they’ve got you covered. And then some. I am in love with our BBQ Kit and can’t wait to swap these plates and sporks for paper plates and plastic cutlery. Plus their ECO Adventure Kit is perfect to be used in conjunction with our Esbit Cookset!

If you’re interested in learning more about ECOLunchbox, visit this page or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. They make amazing plastic-free, non-leaching stainless steel lunch boxes and handy cotton lunch bags to provide waste-free & healthy meal-time solutions for everyone.Road-Trip-GoodiesOther Goodies | I talked about the LuminAid in our Cairn review post, but I am stoked to bring it along! We hope to view a few sunsets from the beach and this will be perfect for a little bit of light. Solar powered and easy to pack? Yes please! We also packed a Scrubba Washbag to do some laundry while we’re on the go. Sure, we could go to a laundromat but it’ll be nice to have the convenience of just doing it in our rooms throughout the trip and as we need to. Paired with the laundry soap sheets, we’re all set! 

We’ve also got our 1000 Places to See Before You Die in the USA and Canada book. We’ll be going through quite a few different states so I’m guessing we’ll find a handful of fun places to stop at along the way! And last but not least, entertainment. Pass The Pigs which is a game we haven’t played in FOREVER and my Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee. It’s close enough to Halloween for me to bust this out! (P.S Every month is close enough for me for this.)

If you want to see some of these in action, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing photos of our trip while we’re gone!

I’d love to know: what fun things do you pack for your road trips?