Our First Kayaking Trip

Two KayaksAshley KayakingNathan KayakingDragonflyLoons on The WaterHappy Monday!

This weekend was just another reminder of how beautiful this area is and how much I need to unplug more often. I spent most of the weekend away from the computer and outside which did wonders for my mood, especially on Friday. On the fourth, we found a nearby lake to test out our new kayaks on and it was heaven! We haven’t been kayaking since we went to California and got engaged (Fall of 2009!) so this trip was long overdue.

We were out there for a couple hours, but the lake was pretty much ours other than a few fisherman for the bulk of it. We saw tons of dragonflies and four loons out on the water, too. Pretty much the perfect balance of relaxation and an amazing exercise that totally knocked me on my butt the rest of the day.

I’m anxious to get out there again because we had such a good time. I’m hoping we can swing a trip to the Apostle Islands this Summer, too. Our goal is to visit during the Summer or Fall in the kayaks and then walk through the frozen caves during the Winter. SUPER excited about both so I’m hoping we’re able to make a short trip there soon!

have you gone kayaking? if so, where’s your favorite place to go?