Lost and Found

Lost & Found

New York Radio City World Trade Center

A couple of months before we moved, one of our SD cards cracked and I was pretty positive that it was the one with all of our photos from our East Coast trip.  I cried, did everything I possibly could to try to get it to work, and then eventually came to terms with the idea that we had lost them.

Then last week, I needed a new card for some product photos so I grabbed the first one I saw and plugged it in. Lo and behold, every single photo from our trip was on that card. All the way from the St. Louis arch to Niagara Falls. Happy tears were cried and I was reminded of SO many things we did or saw that I had forgotten about. As much as I had come to terms with it, I’m so excited to be able to actually share our trip over the upcoming weeks. A year late, but it’s better late than never!

Am I the only one that gets super emotional over trip photos?