Featured In Rachael Ray Magazine!



When The Gnarly Whale first started, I had no idea that within the first two years we’d be in one magazine – much less three. Especially one of my favorites, Rachael Ray Magazine.

Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real that this is our life. Like this is actually happening to us and not just something I’m watching from the sidelines. But it’s moments like this that remind me that we are doing what I thought would only be a dream. It’s humbling and honestly mind-blowing for me to flip through the pages of these magazines and see our product there.

To know that it went from our little shop to these glossy pages.

To know that this publicity helps keep our family together, thriving and happy.

To know that this was a result of our blood, sweat and tears (very literally at times.)

I’m not a believer in luck as I truly think you create your own luck, but in these moments – I feel incredibly lucky to have what I have and to do what I do. Even more so, I’m grateful for everyone that has purchased our products and support our brand in some form. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. So thank you.

And to express even a tiny bit of our gratitude for your support, here’s a giveaway with what was featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray this month along with some extras!