Knowles Creek

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Knowles Creek


Blooming Tree


Budding Tree

Tree By Water


One of the things I love most about this area is how many wildlife viewing areas they have. Since we’re right on the edge of the Nicolet National Forest, there are a ton of small parks, usually with signs on the types of animals you’d be likely to see in the area or on how the area came to be. Most are within a 15 minute drive which has made them the perfect trip during the workday to recharge my batteries and come back to work feeling much more refreshed.

A few weeks ago, we decided we needed that exact type of trip and found Knowles Creek just by driving around the area. It’s a little less than a mile walk around the whole trail that follows along the marsh edge that’s filled with an abundance of plants, trees, and detailed information about the creatures in the area. We didn’t see any animals that day, but you’re supposed to be able to see quite a few different birds from owls to eagles to loons and more. 

The trees were just getting their buds on them when we went so I’m really excited to go back soon and see how they’ve blossomed!

do you have any wildlife viewing areas near you?

how do you recharge during the day?