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Spread The Love Link-Up

Happy Thursday!

I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s a link-up I’ve wanted to start for the past month or so but just didn’t have the time. It all started because I love getting recommendations from people. Word-of-mouth is by far our best form of marketing for The Gnarly Whale and I can completely see why considering how many times I ask people I trust for their recommendations. I wanted to find a way to incorporate that into my blog and this link-up was my solution.

The Basics

  • The link-up will go live every Thursday and run through a rotation of blog-related things like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once the rotation is done, it’ll repeat.
  • Your goal is to spread the love by linking-up people you would recommend following for that week’s topic. (For example: If the week’s theme is Twitter, then link-up any and all Twitter users that you’d recommend following.)
  • You can even spread the love with your own links, but please make sure to link-up someone else as well to truly embrace the idea behind this link-up. It’s all about recommendations and spreading the love to others who deserve a bit of recognition.

Not Required (But Awesome)

  • Share with the people you recommended to make their day or share with others so they can recommend more people. The more recommendations, the merrier!
  • Check out the other links. These people are being recommending for a reason so they are probably worth a look!

That’s it! Fun, easy, and hopefully an awesome new way to find others to follow on social media or in the blogging world.