The One Thing I Changed to Keep a Clean House


When our family grew, I wasn’t sure how to keep a clean house. We were already SO busy! One change was all it took for it to be easily maintained.

I would never call myself tidy. I also wouldn’t call myself a slob, either. I’m somewhere in between, always appreciating a when we keep a clean house but rarely fretting over the chaos.

But when Lily joined the family, a super clean house was the last on my list of “must dos” for many months. The baby bubble was too fun for that to be a top priority.

Then she kept changing. She was always doing new, exciting things or hitting different milestones. Work was keeping us busy while we tried to balance parenting and self-employment.  Throw all of that on top of our normal schedule (traveling, home renovations, taking care of Sookie, etc) and trying to keep a clean house just felt like it was not meant to be.

Until we changed one thing: the whole family got involved in mini cleaning sessions.


Nathan and I each did some of the cleaning. But it was because that’s the adult thing to do. We picked up, washed dishes, did laundry – you know, all the responsible things. We did it because we were supposed to, not because we wanted to. It was a chore and nothing more.


We all get involved in 15-30 minute cleaning sessions, at least once a day. We set the timer, turn on some upbeat music, and speed clean together. Lily is usually snuggled up against one of us in one of her carriers and Sookie likes to chase us around.

Our mini dance party cleaning sessions mean we get to bond, we all get exercise, and our house is no longer a disaster. And knowing that it’s only 15-30 minutes makes the cleaning session not feel so bad, even on the tough days.

Although that was the major thing we did, we’ve also invested in quality cleaning tools like the Wonder® Mop. It’s amazing what the right, quality tool will do for your cleaning. SO much easier!

Each Wonder® Mop has a power wringer to remove more water from the microfiber mop head. This means we can use our laminate and linoleum floors even sooner since floors dry faster. A must in our busy household!

The biggest reason I love the Wonder® Mop though is that it’s machine washable up to 50 times. Cleaning doesn’t get much easier than that.

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What are your best tips on how to keep a clean house with kids and pets?

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