How We Made Diaper Changing Easier on Everyone

This post is sponsored by Desitin but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Remember the days when your little one used to lie there, barely moving and even the worst of diapers were semi-easy to change? When you didn’t battle flailing limbs or curious hands? And when you didn’t have a baby screaming bloody murder because you took her away from her toys?

Those were the days.

I didn’t appreciate those days nearly as much as I should.

Because now?

Diaper changing feels like you need a freakin’ Nascar team, especially for the worst of diapers. Every time I change a diaper without someone’s hands ending up with poop on them, I feel like I deserve a medal.

Luckily, we figured out a way to make it even a little easier:

A portable diaper changing station.

Now the diaper changing comes to her. And life got a little quieter and a little simpler.

She doesn’t have to leave all of her toys.

If she’s near blowout, I’m not figuring out which acrobatic way to carry her to her changing pad.

And her toys or books keep her occupied enough so that I now have 10 seconds to put a new diaper on instead of 5. #parentgoals

Luckily, it’s super simple to put together and only requires a few things.

Portable Diaper Changing Station Supplies

  • Diapers
  • Wipes 
  • Blanket or changing pad (optional, but really nice to have for those messy diapers or accidents while changing diapers)
  • Change of clothes because accidents still happen
  • Toys that are guaranteed to keep her attention for more than 2 seconds
  • Diaper rash cream like Desitin Maximum Strength which helps treat diaper rash immediately. Also, consider Desitin Rapid Relief Cream which helps prevents diaper rash.

Desitin has been a lifesaver for us since Lily started eating solids. We’ve used both the Maximum Strength and the Rapid Relief Cream to help prevent and treat diaper rash on multiple occasions.

That’s it! Use whatever carrying case/bin/basket/bag you’d like to bring it with your little one wherever they are.

How do you make diaper changes easier?