Home Remedies for Headaches

Home Remedies for HeadachesStress is something I’d considered a staple of my life. Not all of it’s bad, but it’s almost always there which is why I’m almost always doing one of these seven things to relieve or prevent stress. When it is bad though, I can usually count on a headache being one of the first indicators that I need to work a bit harder to get it under control. And then, while I’m managing my stress, I also try to manage my headaches with these at home remedies.


While this herb is normally used to treat a fever, it an also be used as an at home remedy for headaches. Feverfew is believed to aid in relaxing constricted blood vessels which can help prevent and treat headaches.

peppermint oil

I am a huge fan of essential oils and peppermint oil is by far one of my favorites. It does wonders for headaches as it helps relax muscles and open blood vessels which promotes better blood flow.

lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of my favorites to use for aromatherapy and it’s also great for headaches. Lavender oil is considered to be very soothing and aids in relieving headache symptoms.

basil oil

Similar to peppermint oil and feverfew, basil oil can be used as a muscle relaxant which makes it even more helpful for tension headaches. 

cold packs/hot packs

Depending on the type of headache you have, a cold or hot pack may be beneficial. Cold packs will tighten the muscles which makes them better for headaches with expanded blood vessels as the cold will constrict them. Hot packs are better for tension headaches as they won’t tighten the muscles even further.


This isn’t one I’ve tried, but I’ve heard from multiple people that it works wonders. You can buy Capsaicin Cream or make a mixture with cayenne and water that you use in your nostrils to help alleviate headache symptoms.

get moving

Moving around is one of the last things I want to do when I have a headache, but it’s usually one of the most beneficial. Even walking or yoga is enough – just try to get rid of some of the tension in your muscles by moving around.


Give yourself a massage or ask a loved one to give you one to relieve some of the tension in your head or neck. 

go to bed

Even if you don’t plan to sleep, laying down on your bed in the dark and/or with your eyes closed is a great way to relieve tension. This is by far one of the easiest at home remedies for headaches.

what are your favorite at home remedies for headaches?