Headed to Chicago!


Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I was going to SoFabU on the Road in Chicago? Well, that weekend is finally here! It’s been a long time since we’ve been to Chicago and I’m really excited that we get to turn this conference into a mini-vacation for ourselves, too.

Even more so? I’m excited to go back to Gino’s East because OH. MY. GOODNESS. They have delicious pizza. If you’re in the Chicago and you want deep dish pizza – no, ANY type of pizza – Gino’s East is the place to go. I think they may actually ship pizzas now so my bank account may be quickly dwindling.

We also have plans to go to The Doughnut Vault which I’ve never been to. But donuts are enough for me to love most places so there’s no explanation needed here really.

And because all of our plans aren’t food related (would it be so bad if they were?), we’re hoping to check out Navy Pier as every other time we’ve gone they’ve been closed. And it’s been cold. We’ll probably do a bit of shopping at IKEA + REI and check out the Museum of Science and Industry, too.

But we’ll still have some time available so I’d love to know:

what are your must-do things in Chicago?