The Golden Snitch Giveaway | March 2016

What’s better than snuggling up with a good book? Winning a geeky prize box inspired by your love of reading, of course! It’s time for March’s Golden Snitch Geeky Giveaway and I’ve teamed up with Kimi and her other sponsors to pool some goodies together so that one lucky winner can walk away with a prize box valued at $200!

But before I get into the prizes that await you, won’t you take a few minutes and get to know the sponsors?

The Golden Snitch Geeky Giveaway Sponsors March 2016 

I’d Like to Introduce You To…

This month, Kimi asked us a horrible question. Shame on her for this… because the question was difficult and not fair to ask of fellow book lovers! Ha!

March Golden Snitch Question
KIMI | Kimi Who?
I love dystopian society based books and that’s why I could probably read the Divergent series again and again. I fell in love with it when the book first came out – long before it was a thing. It’s really stuck with me. I greatly enjoyed he character development, twists and turns. It seems like every time I re-read the books, I find something new.

MICHELLE | Geeked Out Girl
I would have to say Star Wars. With the new movies forthcoming, there will be a lot of new canon material to keep me going for a long time.

LAURA | Con Couture
We just saw the Goosebumps movie so I am going to say the original Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine. We still have a bunch of them and wish we had the time to go back and read them all as adults. Not only are they entertaining, but they bring back so many wonderful memories of our childhoods when we thought Goosebumps was the bees knees!

CHRISTINA | Cali Darling
I’d honestly have to say the Twilight Saga. I watched the first movie and then bought all the books. I read all the books in almost a week and enjoyed it so much.

JENN | The Diary of a Dreamer
Probably Harry Potter. It’s my favorite series to read and I try to re-read it every 1-2 years

HEATHER | The Nerdy Fox
The Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix. Sabriel has been my all time favorite book for so long. I think they’re what really got me back into reading when I was younger. They I have the audio books, variant covers of the books, I’ve read it so many times that I could probably copy it down from memory. I love them so much.

ANGIE | My So-Called Chaos
Well that would certainly suck… LOL maybe Harry Potter? At least you would continually be entertained, and hopefully she writes some more so it’ll be longer. lol

LIANA | Liana Kangas Art
That’s a pretty tough question, but right now I’m pretty obsessed with nerd autobiographies, I’ve been re-reading Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg, and just finished You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day (totally relatable!) Because of that I finally picked up The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick… I know it’s not a series but I just couldn’t help myself. (But if I had to pick, it’d be Harry Potter…)

DANIELLE | From Girlie to Nerdy
The Harry Potter series because it’s full of all of my favorite things – magic, love, friendship, adventure, danger…it’s basically my absolute favorite series and I have no problem reading it over and over again.

JESSICA D. | Two Married Geeks
If I could only read one book series for the rest of my life, it would have to be Harry Potter. I can read that series over and over and it never gets old.

JESSICA P. | The Nifty Nerd
This is quite the unfair question for a book lover…If I could only read one book series for the rest of my life, I’d probably have to choose Lord of the Rings. Not only is it my biggest fandom, but the lore of Middle Earth is so vast & rich; I wouldn’t mind getting lost/stuck there for the rest of my life.

MER | Queering Through Life
It would have to be any of Tamora Pierce‘s works based in Tortall. I’ve always felt I was born in the wrong century, and while her books are based in a fictional world, it takes me to a place that makes sense in my head. Sure, there was no technology in those times, but people really worked for what they had. They appreciated what they had. Everything was built and made by hand rather than machine. It was a more simple time. And hey, she always has female main characters which really makes the series amazing and absolutely enthralling. It plays to my whimsical fantasies of the possibly realistic supernatural while also maintaining to be placed in an understandable history. I would have no problem reading about Tortall until the end of my days.

ASHLEY | Hello Nature
Harry Potter! There are SO many reasons why, but one of the biggest reasons? It’s actually something I connected with my Grandma over. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and the fact that we got to go with her to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a few years ago just makes these books seem even more special.

NICHOLE | Cuppa Geek
Laurell K Hamilton. The Anita Blake series. One of the first supernatural book series I fell in love with.

The Golden Snitch | Geeky Giveaway | March 2016


Enter to Win!

This month’s Golden Snitch prize box features everything you need for the best reading experience (minus the book – we already know you have a favorite handy). Valued at $200+ this month’s box includes:

  • Alice in Wonderland Open Book Pillow
  • Doctor Who Fleece Blanket
  • Game of Thrones Bookend
  • Narwhal USB Plug Warming Slippers
  • Power Up Coffee Mug
  • 6 Unboxed Game of Thrones Mystery Minis

One lucky reader will win the whole box! This giveaway is open to residents of the United States only (sorry international readers… shipping is expensive!).

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