Floral Garden Essential Oil Roller DIY

Bring the scents of the garden to your skin with this Floral Garden Essential Oil Roller DIY. With a few ingredients, you’ll be smelling like a freshly picked bouquet of flowers. Great calming properties, too!

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies in the spring and summer. Not only is it fun and a good workout, but it’s actually pretty therapeutic.

Part of it is the actual act of gardening – getting my hands dirty, planting and then seeing the literal fruits of my labor.

But the other part is tied to the senses. The beauty of the flowers. The scents that catch the breeze as they bloom.

Every time I walk through a garden or a greenhouse and I smell the floral blend, I almost instantly feel calmer. It does wonders for my stress level. The scent of fresh wildflowers is one of the reasons we love making these DIY wildflower seed bombs, too.

Those scents to me are worth bottling. Which is where this Floral Garden Essential Oil Roller came in. It’s an immediate stress-reliever in a bottle!

Don’t have oils on hand? I’d recommend checking out Rocky Mountain Oils! No need to know a seller (you can just quickly shop online) and they have an awesome rewards program.

Floral Garden Essential Oil Roller : Supplies

Floral Garden Essential Oil Roller : Steps

  1. Add the coconut and sweet almond oil into the measuring cup.
  2. Mix in the essential oils.
  3. Pour the mixture into the glass bottle (there should be just a bit of room at the top to prevent overflowing.)
  4. Snap the roller ball top onto the glass bottle.

To use: just roll on your wrists, temples or behind your ears.

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