Five Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week

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5 Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week Long

I can’t be alone in this struggle. Every week, I’m determined to make sure healthier eating is a focus of mine. Monday and Tuesday are pretty good, Wednesday is so-so, and by Thursday – my hope for healthy meals is derailed by junk food. It doesn’t take long for my good habits to taper off and then by the weekend, my meals don’t even have any resemblance to the fruit eating, vegetable roasting dishes that filled the beginning of the week.

Luckily, I’ve learned that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s actually a pretty easy problem to solve with a little bit of preparation and planning. So today, I’ve got five tricks to eat healthy all week long that will help ensure that burnout doesn’t occur and that you actually get to indulge a bit!

Five Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week - Prepare Vegetables

Prep Once, Enjoy All Week

Chop your vegetables, wash your fruit, make some quinoa or beans, 0r bake a loaf of bread (and slice it!) at the beginning of the week or on the weekend. This will save on time later on in the week which is especially important for busy days where take-out seems more appealing. Plus, you’ll have snacks ready ahead of time so you won’t automatically reach for chips.

Make Meals Ahead of Time

Healthy, vegetable or protein packed freezer meals and slow-cooker dishes are a great way to help you eat healthy all week. Soups, stews, casseroles and one-pot dishes are perfect for these options. Once they’re made, you can easily freeze them and then reheat or steam them throughout the week. 

Five Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week - Versatile VegetablesMake Versatile Leftovers

This is my second favorite way to ensure that I eat healthy all week long (#1 is the last one in this list!) Versatile leftovers are SO easy and help ensure that your meals don’t get boring throughout the week. If you’re roasting vegetables, don’t season them with specific flavors (like Italian, Mexican, etc.) Opt for versatile flavors like salt and pepper. Then, you can use them for an easy side dish, fajita vegetables, or pasta primavera with a little bit of seasoning when you make the next dish. Same goes for proteins, beans, etc.

Get Organized

Getting organized in your kitchen, your refrigerator and your pantry is one of the easiest tricks to eat healthy all week. By ensuring that your kitchen is clean, you’l have workspace available to make a delicious meal. And by making sure your refrigerator and pantry are organized with the best foods within eyesight, you’ll be able to quickly grab snacks or ingredients for your healthy meals.

Five Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week - Lean Cuisines

5 Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week - Lean Cuisines

Stock Up on Quality Frozen Meals

This is my ultimate trick to eating healthy all week. And I have a go-to for this little trick: Lean Cuisines! One of the reasons that I LOVE Lean Cuisine for quick meals when we’re busy is that they’ve got SO many options that I can basically feed whatever food mood I’m in. They’ve got protein packed dishes, organic ingredient choices, gluten-free selections and even non-GMO options in a variety of dishes.

I’ve been eating Lean Cuisines for years upon years now. The reason that they’re my top trick to eat healthy all week? The variety. I get bored with my food so easily. And after a couple of days of salads or vegetable packed meals, I’m craving some pasta or something a bit more indulgent. And while I have tons of these dishes that I love (how could you not with so many options?!) – I do have some favorites. Nathan and I both tried some of their new Marketplace meals and they are SO good. He’s a pretty big fan of the LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Spicy Beef and Bean Enchilada while I’m smitten with the LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese. It’s like homemade mac and cheese – YUM!

Five Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week - White Cheddar Mac and Cheese Lean Cuisine Five Tricks to Eat Healthy All Week - Spicy Beef and Bean Enchilada Lean Cuisine

You can get all of these delicious flavors (plus SO many more!) at Target. Target has all of your wellness needs and since Lean Cuisine has a strong focus on wellbeing, this is like a match made in good for you balanced living heaven. And if you’re looking to save a bit of money, be sure to check out Target‘s deal for $2 each! There’s also a $1 off 5 coupon you can use in conjunction with this.


What are your favorite tricks to eat healthy all week long?

What are your favorite wellness products or Lean Cuisine meals from Target?