Five Reasons to go Snowshoeing

Five Reasons to Go Snowshoeing

It looks like Winter is here to stay for six more weeks, so I’m going to be doing my best to embrace the last few months of Winter. Hot cocoa, our fireplace, enjoying fresh snow falls. And if there’s only one thing I can do before the Spring thaw, it’s snowshoeing. Here are my top five reasons to go snowshoeing before the end of Winter rolls around.

Five Reasons to go Snowshoeing

It’s easy and perfect for all ages

Snowshoeing is the perfect Winter activity for the whole family as long as you have the proper clothing. (Not sure what to wear? Check out this post on staying warm in Winter for some of the best Winter clothing brands.) As long as you can walk, you can snowshoe so get the entire family together and head out for a walk in the snow.

It’s relatively cheap

The equipment needed for snowshoeing is pretty limited, especially if you already have the proper Winter clothing. Snowshoes can cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 so it won’t break the bank to have an easy reason to head outside during the colder months. 

You can do it anywhere there’s snow

Snowshoeing isn’t limited to trails which makes it a great way to explore your city. You can trek through the forest, check out the beach, or even head through a local park. If lakes or ponds are frozen near you and the ice conditions are okay for going out on it, you can even check out areas that you wouldn’t be able to without a boat or a longer walk around the lake in Summer.

It’s a great workout

Working out during the Winter is far less fun than in the Summer when you can just head out the door and take a jog without much preparation. But this is one Winter workout that doesn’t require much skill or too much preparation to enjoy. If you plan to use it as a workout instead of a leisurely stroll through the woods, be sure to dress in layers so you can remove them as you warm up and choose a course that has hills versus a large plain.

You can bring Fido

For us, we love going anywhere and doing anything that allows us to bring our dogs along. And snowshoeing is a great way to get them out of the house to burn off some of their extra energy during the Winter. As long as your dogs are healthy, the snow isn’t too deep, and the temperatures aren’t too low – bring your furry friends along! Be sure to check their paw pads often for snow or cuts and pay attention to their energy level. It’s physically demanding on them to get through snow so shorter trips may be necessary, but you’ll appreciate it when they’re napping later!

have you gone snowshoeing before?