Farm To Table Restaurants in Wisconsin

Farm-to-Table-Restaurants-in-WisconsinAs we’ve started to focus more on growing our own food and shopping at local farm-stands, I’ve really come to appreciate farm to table restaurants. I haven’t had the opportunity to actually eat at one yet, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t done some extensive research on our options around here.

For those unfamiliar with farm to table restaurants, the premise is pretty simple (and honestly, really awesome.) The ingredients are sourced as local to the restaurant as possible. This means there are fewer middlemen to deal with and it leads to ingredients that are more fresh. Most farm to table restaurants have seasonal menus that change depending on the produce that’s currently available in their region. Since it requires less resources for the food to get to your plate, it’s also a much more eco-friendly option.

I’ve found quite a few farm to table restaurants in Wisconsin and I’m hoping that in our travels, we’ll be able to try a few of these in the next few months!


A little about Harvest from their websiteStaying true to the vision that’s garnered Harvest local and national renown since the day it opened, we are committed to creating an evolving menu that focuses on the seasonality and locality of the products, rather than any one specific cuisine. Cooking dishes with many simple, straightforward flavors and a lack of heavy sauces, our close relationships with local producers are paramount as inferior products are easily unmasked. We also have a deep appreciation for the dedication and passion required to work with the land, and relishes the challenges of putting together a first-class seasonal menu during the harsh winter months in Wisconsin.


HOURS Monday – Saturday: 5:30 pm – close. They are open one Sunday a month with a special themed dinner.


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes

RESERVATIONS Not required, but can be made.


A little about Graze from their website: Inspired by the New York gastropub scene, the menus feature a range of classics executed on a higher level than traditional pub food. We chose the name Graze because grass-fed animals and rotational grazing are important to us. Also, we want the menu to inspire our guests to do just that: graze. There’ll always be a variety of dishes and small plates to choose from – the kind of stuff chefs and foodies love to eat. As is the tradition with a pub or tavern, we see Graze as a gathering place in our community – a place that is not work and not home, where you can go and feel comfortable, surrounded by familiar faces. Along with our regular menus, you’ll have the option of Friday fish fries and weekend brunches. Of course the only thing that could make this sort of place better is if it served fantastic food. The food we serve is literally inspired. It is inspired by the people who grew it and this land where it was grown. It is inspired by the wonderful meals that we have eaten in locales near and far, quaint and exotic. It is inspired by our love of people gathering over food and drink to spend some time together.


HOURS Brunch | Saturday – Sunday: 9:30AM – 3PM. Lunch | Monday – Friday: 11AM – 2:30PM. Off-Hours Menu | Monday – Friday:  2:30PM – 5PM. Saturday: 3PM – 5PM. Dinner | Monday – Thursday: 5PM – 10PM. Friday – Saturday: 5PM – 11PM. 


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes

RESERVATIONS First come, first served.


A little about Gather from their websiteGather features small, medium and large plates of fresh goodness, craft beers, extensive wine program, hand-crafted cocktails, retail wines and beers, and a deli. We are a true farm-to-table restaurant and deli, sourcing directly from local farmers and producers who use natural, sustainable methods.


HOURS Breakfast | 7AM – 10PM (By reservation only) Lunch | Monday – Saturday: 11AM to 5PM. Dinner | Monday – Tuesday: 5PM to 8PM. Wednesday – Thursday: 5PM to 9PM. Friday – Saturday: 5PM to 10PM.


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes


A little about Farm Table from their website: Farm Table is the most immediate and tangible incarnation of the Food Hub. Here, local foods, from heritage pork to Lake Superior white fish, micro-greens to winter squash, fall roots to spring cress, are purchased from area producers and prepared as part of a seasonal cuisine. The spirit of craft cooking, high quality ingredients and avoidance of harmful additives provides customers the tastiest and healthiest food in western Wisconsin. Even the coffee, beer, wine and homemade soda are carefully sourced to ensure high quality outcomes wherever they come from. Pushing the envelope on sustainable sourcing, responsible farming and wholesome eating — in harmony with Wisconsin’s four seasons — is the endless creative project that makes Farm Table unique and ever-changing.


HOURS Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 11am – 9pm. Saturday: 9AM – 9PM. Sunday: 9AM to 2PM


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes


A little about Braise from their websiteLocated in the dynamic and diverse Walker’s Point neighborhood, the restaurant consists of two conjoined buildings: a 1907 cream-city brick building and a 1940’s-era former bowling alley. The space includes community and traditional seating, and a Chef’s Counter for guests to watch the chefs at work. We even have an on-site Culinary School and our own roof top garden and deck for seating. All of the food is hand crafted; we make our own bread, we butcher our own meats and craft our own cocktails. The food is seasonal, honest and fresh. The menu, written daily, is guided by the idea that the proximity of the farm is directly correlated to the quality of the food. When dining at Braise, we hope that you feel it’s more than just a meal, but a commitment to our community.

LOCATION Milwaukee, WI

HOURS Tuesday – Saturday: Opens at 5PM


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes

RESERVATIONS Not required, but can be made via phone or online.


A little about Twisted Willow from their websiteThe Twisted Willow is the realization of Owner and Chef Dan Wiken’s life-long dream. By growing as much of our own produce on our Grafton farm and sourcing the rest locally. The meals we share with you have traveled the shortest distance from seed to table. Chef Dan Wiken has crafted an innovative menu prepared with the freshest ingredients from classic recipes, with a modern twist. We hope that you will delight with us in the satisfaction of knowing that the hands that composed your salad may be the same hands that planted the seeds.

LOCATION Port Washington, WI

HOURS Tuesday – Saturday: Opens at 4:30PM. Friday Lunch: 11AM to 2PM


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes

RESERVATIONS Not required, but can be made via phone.


A little about Field to Fork from their website: Field to Fork is a welcoming, informal space where our bakers and chefs produce artisanal breads and sweets, homemade soups, substantive sandwiches and wonderful salads. We are proud to feature in-house roasted coffee, a juice bar and seasonal produce. Spend some time relaxing in our café and grocery. We strive to work with local ingredients whenever possible and believe that by cultivating these local relationships with artisan producers, we ourselves become stewards of the earth. The shorter the distance between the field and the fork, the better!By supporting local producers we also support our local economy as well as help care for our local environment. While we strive to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible, we are not regionally exclusive and feel thatmany of our local specialties are best when paired with some of the world’s finest products. This perfect marriage can also be enjoyed at our three sister restaurants: Trattoria Stefano, Il Ritrovo and the Duke of Devon.

LOCATION Sheboygan, WI

HOURS Monday – Saturday: 7AM – 3PM


MEAL OPTIONS Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes

RESERVATIONS Can be made for groups of 5+.

I’d love to know: have you ever eaten at a farm to table restaurant?

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