Energize Naturally: NeuEnergy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeuEnergy. All opinions are 100% mine.

NeuEnergy Chewable Tablets Getting ready for a baby is tough. Until we saw that first ultrasound, I don’t think I realized how long our house project list was. Or how disorganized our home was. Between work, trying to take on extra responsibilities so Ashley can rest, and all of these projects – I need all the energy I can get. I definitely prefer healthy energy so I want something that gives me a boost without the crash.

That’s where NeuEnergy comes in. NeuEnergy is Real Energy for Real Life™. I’m really excited to try this because it’s powered by blueberries making it a smarter energy choice.  NeuEnergy

What is NeuEnergy?

NeuEnergy contains a combination of caffeine and Pterostilbene, the goodness of blueberries. This unique and healthy combination enables a clinically tested, longer sustained energy boost. You’ll get more mental clarity and focus than caffeine alone.

The NeuEnergy chewable tabs are fast acting and provide energy with zero calories, zero sugar, and zero crash. Energy boosts like these are hard to come by. Plus, it’s a nice change to see a energy booster that’s not filled with tons of ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

Where to Purchase

NeuEnergy can be purchased online and in-store. Purchase in-store at Meijer Supermarkets (in Sports Nutrition section of the Pharmacy.) If you’re looking to purchase online, you can get NeuEnergy at Amazon and GetNeuEnergy.com. NeuEnergy Chewable Tablets

Instagram Contest

NeuEnergy is currently running an Instagram Selfie Contest that you can take part in. All you have to do is:

  • Post a Selfie on Instagram of you with the NeuEnergy Stick Container.
  • Mention @GetNeuEnergy and include the following hashtags: #GetNeuEnergy and #Contest
  • Winners will then be voted on by the public. Bi-weekly winners will have their choice between Prize Packs. Prizes include: NeuEngery products, Bose Headphones, FitBits, and more while grand prize winners will receive a trip Disney World or Cabo San Lucas
  • Contest Dates: January 19 – March 16.
  • Valid for U.S. & Canada (excluding Quebec)

View the entire contest details and rules.

I’m really excited to try these out and share my experience with the NeuEnergy chewable tablets on the blog soon. I have high hopes that it will help me get some of these projects done and get our house baby-ready before the baby arrives.

What are your favorite ways to get healthy energy boosts?

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